Arfus might be the cutest legendary in Hearthstone, and brings all new cards

This card introduces new cards we didn't even know we were getting.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

One of the last legendary cards in Knights of the Frozen Throne has been revealed.

The card was revealed on a livestream by Ben Brode and Brian Kibler, as the pair played live games with the cards for the first time.

Arfus is totally adorable.

As well as being a heckin’ good spirit boy, Arfus is a very interesting card. We thought Frozen Throne was introducing 135 new cards—but it turns out there are some extras hidden in there.

When Arfus dies he adds a random Death Knight card to your hand. Confusingly, these aren’t the Death Knight hero cards. Instead they are non-collectible unique cards. Only one was shown of on the stream, but it is super powerful.

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