Latest new Hearthstone cards include the tiniest Divine Shield ever

It might be small, but it will take two hits to get through.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

As new Hearthstone cards continue to be revealed, the countdown to Knights of the Frozen Throne continues.

The expansion is due to be released this month, with the number of cards showed off now coming close to half of the 135 card set.

The latest Paladin minion may look somewhat unimpressive, with it’s 1/1 stats. It’s one of the weakest stat lines in the game. But the effects do make it interesting. With both Taunt and Divine Shield, even though it only has one health it will take two hits to get through most of the time. That makes it potentially a great frustration card to protect the rest of your board.

Paladin also has access to a ton of buff cards. So while it starts at 1/1, it might not stay that way for long.

Tomb Lurker has something of an underpowered version of the N’Zoth mechanic on it. It doesn’t summon Deathrattle minions, and it doesn’t bring back all of them. It’s just the one, and it goes into your hand. That might be a bit too slow to make anything happen.

As with Sunborne Val’kyr, the health is a problem too. Three health on a five mana minion is a big risk, as it can trade with a lot of cheaper minions all the way down to two mana.