Mage class Death Knight Hero card revealed

The class will look very different.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The Mage Death Knight has been revealed—and it confirms the leak from before the set begun being revealed.

The Mage Hero card was revealed in a card reveal livestream, game designer Matt Place and personality Sean “Day9” Plott.

The card summons a Water Elemental when it’s played, and all Elemental cards for the rest of the game have Lifesteal. The hero power now does one damage as before—but if it kills a minion it summons a new Water Elemental.

The ability to summon a ton more Water Elementals for just two mana each means that this card will definitely see play. Elemental Mage is going to be a thing. In a slower Mage deck, the class can now summon lots more board presence, even when the deck is running out of steam.

The emotes are all pretty fun too. They’re pretty much all the “Sorry” emote.