13 June 2018 - 15:25

Remember to log in for your free golden Hearthstone pack today

It's Free Pack Day!
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Today is a very important day. It's special. It's historic. It's Free Pack Day!

Okay, so this is a brand new day that Blizzard just made up. Who knows if it's an annual thing or not but that would be cool. But the point remains—it's important at least for right now.

It's not that difficult to understand, Free Pack Day means free packs. So don't forget, whatever you do. Log in to Hearthstone today and claim a free pack just for being you.

It's not just any pack remember. It's a golden Classic pack, so all the cards will be golden. The same usual pack rules apply: there's five cards, with at least one being rare or better. That means that, at worst, this pack is 300 free dust. But it could be that shiny golden legendary you've always wanted! You won't know until you bust it open.

This isn't a one server only deal either. If you play in multiple regions, or even just have accounts open across other regions, you should log in to each region to claim a pack everywhere. More cards is always better.

Free Pack Day is the first time a golden Classic pack has been given out to all players. The pack was only available once before, as a reward to those players who had a linked Twitch Prime account.

So what are you waiting for? Do you need instructions? Go forth, and claim that sweet free pack.

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