Four Decks for Week Four – New Control Warrior

Week Four brings the most exciting addition arsenal to the Warrior class - the Death's Bite!


Now we move on to the next of this series: The updated Control Warrior! Last week I posted a series of articles of decks that I thought were receiving buffs from the cards that were released in the military quarter, and lists that could play them, and in the end, some of these lists ended up working out quite well!

Now, two of these lists are also getting a huge update this week, even bigger than last week: Warrior and Priest Control.

We now have the two best class-cards being released at once! And yes, that is indeed big! Both classes are known to be played with Control Strategies, and both of these cards are pretty good in control decks, but they also fit in such a great variety of decks and strategies, that they might still be good in other strategies!

Sadly, we are not here today to talk about different strategies, rather, to upgrade once again the already used ones! And though that might not seem so good, it means that we are making lists that will be, for sure, strong and playable!

Warrior Control 3.1

The Warrior control deck from last week got once again updated, and while the play test showed good results from some of the cards, we can not do much till we could get our hands on deaths-bite and that meant that we needed to change a lot of things in the deck to fix the curve.

Firstly, we had to remove fiery-war-axe, sadly. The card was good, indeed. But the fact we are adding yet another weapon to the deck means it has to go. But what to add in its 2-drop slot? The answer came quickly: unstable-ghoul.

The Ghoul has good synergy with the deck’s cards, and while we could not add him last week, due to the fact we needed the 2-drop slot for the card advantage from slam, we now have room for the Ghoul, which makes up for the removal of fiery-war-axe!

Now, let us add even more synergy to the deck with our huge addition: deaths-bite! The Warrior control curve is already done, so the best we can do is remove a 4-drop, and the idea of removing korkron-elite was fine. The Orc is a tempo generating card rather than a value card, while the weapon is more of a value card. Since the meta is now more value-oriented, the Orc was the best candidate to leave the train.

The reason I took out both six-drops cairne-bloodhoof and sylvanas-windrunner for spectral-knight even tho I was playing all of them last week is the fact they are far more consistent than both legendary cards. During last week’s play test, using all of these cards together, the Knights showed a lot more value than the Legends, being always the best play.

I am still not sure regarding the last late-game slot, which is currently held by alexstrasza. I still don’t know if the best option for that slot is Ysera, Baron Geddon or Alexstrasza. How they work with the new cards and through more play testing, we will determine which one works best. Currently alexstrasza is the best candidate for that slot, that is why she is on the main list rather than the other two!



We have 2 more decks to go! Warrior Control was a big love of mine last week, and it might be this week’s  too! But I think I will be most interested in updating the next deck: The Control Priest!

Stay tuned, we’re about to get the list that got Rank 1 in the NA Legendary ladder last week updated with this week’s best card: dark-cultist!

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