Forsen and Trump to captain experienced rosters in Archon’s new league

Archon's much-anticipated $250,000 team league for Hearthstone gets underway next week

Image via Take-tv/Facebook

Archon’s much-anticipated $250,000 team league for Hearthstone gets underway next week. The organization has already announced six of the biggest teams, but the final two spots will be filled by two newly formed groups of experienced players.

Alongside the previously announced team captained by Sebastian “Forsen” Fors, the eighth team in the Archon Team League Championships will be Value Town, according to a fixture list given to the Daily Dot by organizers.

That team will be captained by Jeffrey “Trump” Shih—who is known as “The mayor of Value Town” in the community—the Daily Dot has learned. The rest of the team will likely include David “Dog” Caero of CompLexity and Magic: the Gathering legend Brian Kibler. Fors’ team, Forsenboys, meanwhile, will likely include Dignitas’ Keaton “Chakki” Gill and Sebastian “Ostkaka” Engwall of ROOT into battle, according to a source close to the players.

Both Caero and Gill were on an early, incomplete player list seen by the Daily Dot back in May. CompLexity manager Soren “Fantasy” Vendsahm confirmed to the Daily Dot that he had been in discussions with Archon about the league but declined to comment further.

The hype has already begun in earnest for the ATLC, and, with three of the biggest Hearthstone streamers now involved, it is virtually guaranteed to be successful in pulling in the viewers.