Former IHearthU trio give up on search for new team

Three top Hearthstone pros have given up on finding a new team together

Three top Hearthstone pros have given up on finding a new team together.

Jan “Faramir” Engelmann, Daniel “DTwo” Ikuta and Harald “Powder” Gimre left IHearthU last month after protracted negotiations over contracts. The three had planned to join a new team as a group, but that search has been unsuccessful and the trio will now part ways.

Engelmann and Gimre will continue their search for a new team separately, while Ikuta is shifting his focus to streaming

The three remained close and on good terms, Ikuta told the Daily Dot.

“When the three of us left IHearthU, it was with the intention of providing new opportunities for ourselves in the form of a fresh start with a respected organization,” Ikuta said. “Unfortunately, though we came close to establishing deals with a couple of teams, things ultimately fell through.”

One of those teams included Meet Your Makers, the German-based esports organization that’s been at the center of controversy in League of Legends recently after a team manager threatened an LCS player with taking his mother’s home.

Meet Your Makers lost all but one of the players on their Hearthstone roster in December, including Thijs “ThijsNL” Molendjik and Dima “Rdu” Radu. The team has since failed to replace them, with Tobias “Kunzi” Kunzweiller its only player. Engelmann, Ikuta, and Gimre declined the Meet Your Makers offer, concerned about the group’s reputation.

Photo via ESL/Flickr