Everything to know about the secret final boss from Hearthstone’s Tombs of Terror, Tekahn

Rafaam had one more trick up his EVIL sleeve.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If thought Uldum would be saved after completing chapter four of Hearthstone’s new Tombs of Terror solo adventure, you’ve been misled. After completing all four chapters of the adventure, you’ll unlock one final secret boss.

After finishing up in Halls of Origination, the League of Explorers learn they must face an even greater foe: Tekahn, Plague Lord of Flame. As the greatest Plague Lord, Tekahn considers himself to be the Dark Pharaoh of Azeroth.

Although he doesn’t technically head his own chapter of the adventure, Tekahn functions exactly like the Plague Lord bosses at the end of each section. This means he’ll have various Hero Powers that he cycles through based on the amount of health he has. The difference between Tekahn and other Plague Lords is that Tekahn won’t have persistent health after you lose. This means every time you face Tekahn, he’ll start at full health.

The entire League of Explorers will be opposing Tekahn. At the start of this battle, you’ll get to choose one of the four dual-class Heroes. You’ll also get to select one of that Hero’s three Hero Powers. After your starting Hero dies, you’ll choose another member from the League of Explorers to replace them. This means you can potentially face Tekahn as Reno, Finley, Elise, and Brann all in one duel.

Each member of the League will start with 50 health, giving you a total of 200 for the match. After selecting a starting Hero, the treasures you’ve collected for that Hero will all be shuffled into your deck. Each time one of your Heroes dies, your deck will be replaced with a deck for the next Hero you select.

Tekahn will start the match with a Hero Power called Awaken the Flame. This power costs two mana and allows Tekahn to imbue a Sanctum Golem with the power of fire. If Tekahn uses this power on a Sanctum Golem, it’ll gain a Deathrattle that deals three damage to all minions, then it’ll summon a fresh Sanctum Golem. Tekahn will only be able to use this power when he has a Golem available.

Tekahn plays very similarly to a Zoo deck. He’ll use Rakanishu to beef his lackeys up, causing them to be 4/4 for the rest of the game. The majority of his deck will be cards that generate Lackeys, plus plenty of Sanctum Golems. The good thing about this playstyle is the fact that Tekahn’s Enflamed Golems do three damage to all minions upon death. This means he’ll unintentionally help you weaken his own minions, allowing you to clear his board more easily.

After dropping Tekahn to 200 health, he’ll cycle Hero Powers to Curse of Flame. This power costs two mana and allows Tekahn to chose an enemy minion. If the minion lives until Tekahn’s following turn, all characters take five damage. This is another power that can hurt you and Tekahn. Since you’ll have a turn to play before the area-of-effect damage is dealt, you can try to destroy your own minion if you can’t afford the board wipe.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

When dropped to 100 health, Tekahn will cycle to Soul Pyre. This is a passive Hero Power that causes a player to take damage equal to the cost of a card after they play it. This will only be a major factor if you’re down to your last Hero and still haven’t defeated Tekahn. You’ll want to make sure you don’t play too many high-cost cards and cut your health to the extent that Tekahn can end you.

The key to beating Tekahn is having a decent amount of treasures unlocked and knowing how to use them. Treasures are game-breaking cards that are used throughout Tombs of Terror to even the odds against Plague Lords and their twist. Since you’ll be using all of your treasures in this match, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to take Tekahn down by chipping away at him with the League of Explorers.

Whatever you do, don’t play the treasure named Hearthstone. This treasure will usually teleport you to a Tavern and allow you to escape a losing duel without having to start your run over. If you use the Hearthstone treasure while facing Tekahn, the battle will be reset and all progress will be lost.