Even MORE Legendary Lists to Play This Week!

Hello and welcome to another week of Hearthstone Ranked Ladder! This week we had quite a few of surprises in the form of 30-card decks that I would very much like to share with you guys! For anyone new to the deal, I have been posting weekly lists of newly formed deck since TGT came […]


Hello and welcome to another week of Hearthstone Ranked Ladder! This week we had quite a few of surprises in the form of 30-card decks that I would very much like to share with you guys!

For anyone new to the deal, I have been posting weekly lists of newly formed deck since TGT came out, to make sure every reader of Hearthstone Players stays up to date with the whole Hearthstone Ladder thing as well as have newer and better options to ladder with!

Now, for the newest decks of the week…

Slam Warrior Control

Talk about a deck that I loved, this is the one. This is a very bold Control Warrior deck when compared to other ones: It has no cruel-taskmaster, it has no acolyte-of-pain, it has no shield-block, yet it is a very strong, reliable and consistent Warrior Control list. I believe this to be the most updated possible Warrior Control list in the market, and that from now on most Warrior Control lists will look a lot like this.

But why? Well, at first sight you feel desolated for not having cards that you are so used to in your Control Warrior deck, but then after playing it you realize how proactive this deck is when compared to the previous Control Warrior deck, it even plays better against Druids!

The lack of card draw from the Acolyte is replaced by the stronger cards this deck gets, such as piloted-shredder, and at the same time you replace your granny Taskmaster with a much better card for the deck in general, slam. Taking Acolyte off of your deck means that Taskmaster becomes worse, and by doing so you are able to add better early/mid game cards, making your deck more consistent and more reliable.

Double bash is also very much needed on a metagame like this. Not only it gives you armor, it also kills some weenie that could be protected by some Taunt that wouldn’t allow you to get past if it weren’t for Bash. I believe the 3 Damage surpass the 2 extra armor and a card most of the times, this also makes this deck much stronger in the Fatigue Wars.

Of all the decks I will post today, this one is my favorite.

Old School Control Priest

Zetalot was also able to make a functioning Control Priest using Old school tools to make it so.

I do not believe this deck to be any stronger than Dragon Priest, but in general this also has a very good matchup against most Super Aggressive decks as well as the Super late game Control Decks, which is basically what we are seeing on the ladder lately.

The deck uses all the previously found inconsistent Priest tools, combined with just a few TGT additions such as justicar-trueheart and holy-champion, to boost the deck’s potential slightly up.

There isn’t much to say about this deck, just that it is one of the hardest decks to play in Hearthstone, and that the only way I would recommend you to try this is if you are a very experienced Priest player.

Midrange Druid

As a trend that was started by Kolento this week, Midrange Druid has once again dropped savage-combatant and became even more consistent. Going back to the whole shade-of-naxxramas thing, it was decided that the Shades are still very good in the Deck and haven’t been subbed by anything. The main reason for this, I believe, is the double Combo – The potential for Extra damage is still there, meaning that Shades are still very good! Overall I liked what this deck has become, and I very much prefer the version without the Combatant than the ones with it.

As always, this deck has a lot of reach, a lot of draw, very cheap and fast Midrange minions that can be played even cheaper and faster, and possible responses for everything.

I believe Midrange Druid to be in a very strong spot right now, so if you are willing to either get to Legend with something that isn’t Patron or Secretdin, Midrange Druid is the go-to option.

Pirate Rogue!

God damnit, this caught me by surprise!

Now this is some random deck I just got to play against, and it is very fast – either that or my opponent got a perfect hand. Either way, it is a very efficient and different deck than others I have seen.

So what is the deal about this deck? This is basically an Oil Rogue deck, with super aggressive minions instead of the old Control-ish ones. This deck focus a lot more on finishing the game quicker than usual Oil Rogues, but trades part of its consistency for its speed as well.

This is a deck that makes me quite happy – we weren’t seeing any Rogues around – that might make rogues playable.

Oh, and I know you are going to ask me: “Where is the shady-dealer??? 🙁 🙁 🙁 ” well, if you take a closer look at this deck it seems to be very hard to keep a pirate on the board, since they are all so fragile, meaning Shady’s battlecry wouldn’t be activated very often.

Fun deck! Rogue lover? Play this!

Mech Warrior!!!

Ok it is time for me to sto…. OH MY GOD A MECH WARRIOR! A guy played this against me but I didn’t think it was for real until I saw the whole deck by myself, but there it is, and it -apparently- works!

This is basically a Face-y deck, that can also be played as a Zoo-ish deck to take Control over the board.

It is fun, it is cheap, what else is there to say? 😀

This deck has a lot of reach: Charge Minions, weapons, you are likely to always be bringing the beats with this deck – or at least most of the times – so in case you are looking at a cheaper, and fun, deck to play, this is the one!


I will just go ahead and close this before more decks show up and I never stop writing 😛

This week had quite a lot of different lists ey? When I first started writing this I didn’t imagine I would be bumping into so many different lists, but I have to say it has been a blast writing and researching about these lists for you guys! 😀

I hope you guys have been enjoying getting these weekly lists here at Hearthstoneplayers.com, keep in mind that these articles will be here next week, and the following, and while we are getting new lists we won’t be stopping posting them for you guys!

Want to always be updated regarding new and fun deck lists? Do not forget to come at least once in a week to our website! :3

Love you guys, see you later!