23 November 2017 - 16:10

Grizzled Guardian allows Druid to recruit

Recruit is a new mechanic in this set.
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The latest card revealed from Hearthstone's newest expansion is another minion that has the game's newest keyword: Recruit.

Recruit acts a lot like Y'Shaarj or Barnes—it pulls a minion from your deck and brings it onto the battlefield. Only a handful of cards in the set will have the mechanic, and this is the first in Druid.

Grizzled Guardian is an eight mana 3/5 with Taunt, that pulls two minions that cost four or less out of your deck when it dies.

This is a lot of mana for very little stats. It's essentially a Sen'jin—a card which doesn't see play at four mana. Then you have to hit value with the four or five mana you're floating when you play this card, meaning you have to severely restrict the low cost minions in your deck and exclude choices like Crypt Lord.

Druid doesn't tend to play low cost minions, instead choosing to ramp or cycle Jades in the early game. In short—it's a cute idea, but it remains to be seen if it actually fits what Druid want to do.

Kobolds and Catacombs will be available sometime in December.

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