DreamHack Announces Schedule and Format for Hearthstone Grand Prix

North America will be a regular stop on the tour this year.

Photo via DreamHack

DreamHack announced its plans for 2016, and it seems they have thrown a lot of their weight toward Hearthstone. The famous event organizers will host four different Hearthstone events this year with a prize pool of $130,000 split among them.

The DreamHack Hearthstone Grand Prix circuit will start in Austin, Texas this year, followed by Jönkoping and Valencia, before returning to Jönkoping for the Winter event. Each event will feature a prize pool of $27,500 and will be played in Swiss rounds with 200 players leading into a top 16 playoff. There will also be side events with rewards up to $2,500 for players who fail to qualify for the main event.

This marks the first time DreamHack will hold an event for the North Americans, and this is warmly welcomed by the NA community, as there is a massive lack of LAN events in the Americas compared to Europe and China. The schedule for the year to come will expand from May to November and is the following:

Circuit Dates:

DreamHack Austin – May 6-8th

Austin Convention Center, Austin, Texas, USA

DreamHack Summer – June 18-20th

Elmia Convention Center, Jönkoping, Sweden

DreamHack Valencia – July 14-16th

Feria De Valencia, Valencia, Spain

DreamHack Winter – November 24-27th

Elmia Convention Center, Jönkoping, Sweden

Main Event Format:

Tournament Format: Open Swiss with top 16 moving on to single elimination

Match Format: Last Hero Standing BO5

Competitor Slots: 200

Platform: Bring your own device (wired connection)

Prize Pool: $27,500 USD total

1st – $8,000

2nd – $4,000

3rd/4th – $2,250

5th-8th – $1,250

9th-16th – $750