This new Shaman card hates aggro just as much as you do

This will stop just about any deck in its tracks.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If you hate aggro decks, Blizzard might have just printed your dream card.

With the introduction of the Death Knight Hero cards in this latest set, slowing down Hearthstone is a key part of the design philosophy for Knights of the Frozen Throne. That might explain why Shaman just got one of the best anti-aggro tools the game has ever seen.

You aren’t seeing things. That is a three mana, 2/8 taunt.

Put simply, this is stopping just about everything an aggressive deck can throw at you. Unless they happen to be running hard removal, or stat modifiers like Hunter’s Mark or Equality, very little is getting through this.

The two attack is not even that bad. If you play this on turn three, a lot of the minions in an aggressive deck are not going to have much more health than that to offer. You are guaranteeing value trades.

Of course there is a pretty significant drawback. If you play this on three, you only get one mana to play with the turn after due to the Overload. Perhaps this will be best played if you have the coin, giving you an extra mana to play with the turn after.