Dr. Boom ruins Thijs’ day in the most Dr. Boom way possible

"We actually don't have any plans right now to change Dr

“We actually don’t have any plans right now to change Dr. Boom.” When Hearthstone director Eric Dodds said this interview with PC Gamer March 6, many fans let out a resigned sigh.

Dr. Boom has dominated Hearthstone since the release of Goblins vs Gnomes, with the random damage of his Boom Bots causing a lot of rage for regular players and top professionals alike.

The latest pro to have his Dr. Boom agony broadcast to the world is Thijs “ThijsNL” Molendijk. Playing Rogue against a Mage, Molendijk was on just 11 life. And then the bombs happened.

Staring down a scary board presence but with the potential to win himself next turn, Molendijk decided to sap the Dr. Boom and put himself in what he thought was a decent position to win. After the Boom had been sapped, however, the bots both rolled high, hitting his face for the maximum four damage each. Sensing his luck was in, Molendijk’s opponent “Pereke” replayed the Dr. Boom and destroyed one of his own Boom Bots which rolled his third maximum damage hit in a row.

Normally known as a calm player, Molendijk could barely conceal his frustration. And who can blame him? We’ve all been there.

Curse you, Dr. Boom. We’ll get you one day.

Image via DreamHack/Flickr 

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