Think one game of Hearthstone is hard? Try three at once

Online poker streamers almost always play multiple games at a time

Image via Blizzard

Online poker streamers almost always play multiple games at a time. It’s nothing special. Not so much the case in Hearthstone however.

Team CompLexity’s David “Dog” Caero attracted a lot of attention this week when he streamed three different games of Hearthstone at once. Not only was Caero able to concentrate and play all three games at once, he gave a running commentary—which left his audience quite possibly far more confused than he was.

Thankfully Caero was playing the same decklist (Mech Hybrid Druid) in all three games, or things might have gotten really out of control.

To be fair, three tables at once in poker would be child’s play. Online poker streamers often fold most of the hands in games they have on screen. In Hearthstone, Caero is having to keep track of his cards in all three games and be much more engaged.

Using three accounts at once seems to have been pretty effective—though two of the accounts were only at rank 25 on ladder initially, by the end of an eight hour stream Caero had managed to take all three accounts to rank five. 

Caero seems to have discovered a much more time efficient solution to the ladder grind—imagine if Sebastian “Xixo” Bentert had employed similar tactics when he tried to hit rank one legend across all three servers.