A new Hearthstone bug makes a one million damage hero power possible

It's another great find from Disguised Toast.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang is one of the best content creators in Hearthstone. He’s not a pro player, and he didn’t start as a big streamer, he came to prominence finding bugs and weird interactions in the game.

And now Toast has found one of the craziest bugs to date. One that can enable a Hunter hero power to cause over one million points of damage.

A viewer alerted Toast to a bugged interaction between Cursed Blade and Scourgelord Garrosh, the new Warrior Hero card.

Cursed Blade doubles the damage that your hero takes while it is equipped. Normally when you stop having Cursed Blade in play, that effect disappears. However if you destroy it by playing Scourgelord Garrosh, which equips a new weapon as its Battlecry, the effect doesn’t go away.

That means that for the rest of the game, you’d be stuck taking double damage. It’s a pretty big disadvantage.

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Toast wanted to see just how far this could go, so he duplicated Scourgelord Garrosh and tried it again. And the effect stacked, over and over. So, never one to back down from a ridiculous Hearthstone challenge, Toast set to work on getting his hero to take one million damage in a single shot from the Hunter hero power.

As he sets out in the video, that was actually somewhat difficult to figure out. He had to work out a way to copy the combo cards, to avoid dying to fatigue damage, and to get it all done inside Hearthstone’s 45 turn limit. The turn limit is not something that’s really seen all that often, but if a game goes to 45 turns it just ends in a draw instantly.

Of course, Toast managed to pull it off on his stream to the delight of his viewers. He also managed to avoid the last pitfall—getting it done before Blizzard noticed and patched it out. If you want to try this do it now, because it will likely be fixed very soon.