Dinotamer Brann Legendary minion revealed for Hearthstone’s Saviors of Uldum expansion

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Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Dwarfs are a big deal in Azeroth and few are more popular than Brann Bronzebeard.

Today, we learned that Brann is rejoining Hearthstone in the form of a Legendary minion for the Hunter class in the upcoming Saviors of Uldum expansion.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Dinotamer Brann is a seven-cost 2/4 Legendary minion with a Battlecry. Brann’s Battlecry allows you to summon King Krush as long as your deck has no duplicates. Brann is one of four Legendary minions revealed today at a panel during San Diego Comic-Con. All four Legendary minions unveiled at the panel have a Battlecry that provides a huge benefit as long as your deck has no duplicates.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Brann’s benefit is about as huge as it gets. King Krush is a nine-cost 8/8 Legendary minion with Charge. This means that on the turn you play Brann, you get to smack your opponent or a minion for eight damage. Hunter is regularly associated with a direct damage playstyle thanks to its Hero Power and minions. Playing a deck with no duplicates could potentially make dealing enough damage to win a more tedious process for the Hunter class. But it looks like King Krush and Brann plan on picking up the slack.

Based on what we know so far, you can expect to see some pretty diverse lists on the ladder after Saviors of Uldum goes live on Aug. 6.