Deep Analysis on Latest Spoiled Cards – 4/7

Note: If you wish to see all the revealed cards so far, be sure to check out the beautiful graphic post by Disguised Toast over at Mana Crystals. It’s updated whenever new cards come out so be sure to bookmark it! “Omg I am so hyped they’ll start showing the good cards now!” Now seriously, […]

Note: If you wish to see all the revealed cards so far, be sure to check out the beautiful graphic post by Disguised Toast over at Mana Crystals. It’s updated whenever new cards come out so be sure to bookmark it!


“Omg I am so hyped they’ll start showing the good cards now!”

Now seriously, the last spoilers since my last analysis weren’t very exciting. Sure, we had one good card but that is all about it.

Today we had a God card, a Warlock spell, a Hunter Doctor and two more cards I don’t even recall what they are, so there is plenty to talk about.

But what is it, you wonder? Well, let’s get right into today’s analysis and see for ourselves!

Blood of the Ancient One

When I first saw this card I couldn’t believe it, so I had to read it again and again and then I finally realized they actually made a card that bad.

9/9 for 9 mana already seems bad, and let’s be honest whenever it survives a turn after you’ve played it you probably already won the game, right? Right?

Then, this guy’s ability says we need to have two of them, on the board! So we can win the game while we win the game, I mean is this even real?

This card is below mimirons-head level of unplayable, and let me remind you: it never saw play.

Not only this, the mega-windfury guy even could pull the punch the turn it was comboed in, this one can’t even do that. You have to be winning, drop a guy to win more, then get both guys killed (and another reminder that at this point, your opponent is probably already within 9 damage lethal range) to then summon a 30/30 so you can win even more.

Oh and did I just say you can get yourself 2 for 1’d if your opponent spot removes the 30/30? I am not even talking about big-game-hunter, there are just too many ways to deal with a blank 1000/1000 minion.

Errr, no, I am sorry but this will never see play, regardless of how you try to combo it – people trying this with faceless-manipulator on casual mode came to mind.

Blood Warriors

Interesting card. The thing about this kind of card is that it feels extremely hard to find a home for it right now, but it can end up being so good that people will want to play this making a deck around it.

This card has chances of seeing play, but thing is it is likely not to, because it doesn’t fit in current Warrior Archetypes:

Control Warrior doesn’t even want to run late game threats anymore, just elise-starseeker combined with a bunch of healing and removal, so it wouldn’t be that easy to fit this one in, then we have the fact that Control Warrior doesn’t use whirlwind and we don’t know if this will be decent in Control Warrior.

But you know what uses whirlwind effects and loves them? Patron Warrior! The thing that stops me from seeing this being played in Patron Warrior (which, let me remind you, might not even be playable post-rotation because of deaths-bite rotating out) is that you’re likely to never be able to play this the turn you combo, and if you combo and your opponent passes the turn back to you, chances are you already won the game, and we know that win-more cards have a history of nearly never seeing play.

Ok, sure Nuba, you told us why this might not see play in Patron or Control, but do you have any clue as to what would be an ideal home for this card?

Well, I like this card, it has a lot of potential. If you ask me, I believe it might end up being a card played in some Midrange-style Warrior deck, something that we haven’t seen before and that is able to make good uses out of Whirlwind, maybe Patron decks will adapt into total Midrange decks with just a very small play-around combo composition, who knows!

PS: Tips when playing this card: Don’t wait a lot, don’t be greedy, getting two or three minions is already enough value, also don’t wait for this card to be drawn into while saving your Whirlwinds if you can’t wait.

Call of the Wild

This card is…..

ABSURD!! Oh my god how strong this is!! This card is everything one might want and more, I can’t help but believe this will be a staple in every Midrange Hunter deck there is, and that it’ll be meta defining.

Sure, I might just be wrong, but every card that had multiple different effects in the past has seen play, from dr-boom to muster-for-battle they were all totally broken, which leads me to believe this one will be too.

First things first: this is a full board position card just like Dr. Boom. Then this is a card, which (also, just like Dr. Boom) can (and will) win the game on it’s own if left unchecked. Then this card demands multiple responses, because there is just no way in the world – save twisting-nether and flamestrike – to 1-for-1 this card.

All of this leads me to believe that this will be simply amazing. Probably the strongest card in the set in my opinion, and something is telling me this might even require a nerf in case it finds a strong shell to be played in, and just like dr-boom that nerf will never come.

Yogg-Saron, Hope’s End

Another card that I had to read like 5 times because of how bad it is.

I kept reading it, and no, it is just what I read, nothing different, just straight up madness.

Yes, total madness, and no, zero Sparta!

This seems like the funniest card to play, I won’t lie to you, but the odds of you losing the game because you casted this are close to the ones of you winning and closer to the ones of nothing happening.

Considering my luck with RNG, this is 100% guaranteed to cast at least 3 pyroblasts in my own face, so you’ll never see me running this, but the possibilities are infinite!

29 spells 1 Yogg Saron deck, anyone? Damn now I want to do that with a friend.

Oh, and no, this has zero chances of seeing Competitive play because of how crazy it is.

Talking about it, I remember when people were so pissed about GvG’s randomness that everyone said to be expecting a card with the following text “You have to 50% chance to win the game, if you don’t, you lose the game”. Well, a couple expansions later, that card is finally here!

Spreading Madness

Maybe this could see play in Renolock instead of demonwrath? Err maybe, very unlikely though, in the end this kind of effect seems just way too inconsistent to see play.

Sure, this could end up seeing 1-of play in some Reno decks here and there but overall I believe this to be so inconsistent people will want to always be just too far away from it as possible.

**Kappa Mode**: I just took notice that grim-patron isn’t a Warrior Class card and that this + Grim Patron = likely to get you around 5 Patrons on the board, so there is that. Ok, this could see play now that I thought about it! Now Warlock only needs about 2-3 more ways to activate Grim Patrons and we’re good to go!


Ok, now we can finish the article!

So, we had some interesting cards, some horrible ones and some crazy ones. Ok, that wasn’t that bad as I thought it was. I hope you guys have been enjoying these reviews I have been doing and we’ll see you again shortly on the next review!

Love you all, see you later!