Decks to try on day one of Hearthstone’s new expansion, Saviors of Uldum

New decks coming right up.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone’s new expansion Saviors of Uldum has finally arrived.

If you’re like most who will be logging into Hearthstone today, you’ll probably be in need of a new deck. Though it’s obviously too early to know what the best version of each deck will eventually be, we at least know which archetypes to expect.

Here is a look at some of the decks that might net you some success on day one of the new expansion. Saviors of Uldum is incredibly young, so craft with caution.

Old Guardian’s Reno Mage

Image via HS Topdecks

Reno is back baby. During the early days of Hearthstone one of the most fun archetypes to play was a Highlander deck build around Reno Jackson. In his new iteration, Reno is a Mage class Legendary. If your deck has no duplicates, Reno the Relicoligist will deal 10 damage randomly split among all enemy minions. This deck also runs the highly-anticipated Legendary neutral minion Zephrys the Great. This version of Reno Mage comes to us from the Hearthstone content creator Old Guardian. You can check out the deck code below.


Brian Kibler’s Quest Priest

Image via Brian Kibler

Priest fans will be hard-pressed to find a deck made by a better player than Brian Kibler. When the Dragon Master and former MTG World Champion isn’t casting special Hearthstone events, he’s usually streaming the game over on Twitch. One of the decks he’s been using recently is a new version of Quest Priest. The new Quest card for the Priest class is Activate the Obelisk. This card requires you to restore 15 health in order to trigger, then rewards you with Obelisk’s Eye. The Obelisk’s Eye Hero Power allows you to restore three Health. If you target a minion with Obelisk Eye, it also gets +3/+3.


Language Hacker’s Quest Shaman

Image via Language Hacker

Shaman is a class that was in an interesting spot near the end of Rise of Shadows. It also has one of the most promising new Quest cards out of any of Hearthstone’s classes. Mihai “Languagehacker” Dragalin is one of the best Hearthstone players in the world. This list is Language Hacker’s early take on Quest Shaman. The new Shaman Quest card Corrupt the Waters. This card requires you to play six Battlecry cards and rewards you with the Heart of Vir’naal. This Hero Power allows you to pay two mana and causes your Battlecries to trigger twice for the turn. Shaman fans should definitely give this one a try, particularly if you already own Shudderwock.


Remember, the expansion is in its infancy. As the expansion progresses the top decks and archetypes will slowly start to emerge. No matter how fun a particular card may look, you should still craft with extreme caution. You can sign on to Hearthstone and take these decks for a spin right now.