Decks to try during week one of Hearthstone’s Scholomance Academy

Craft with extreme caution.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The wait is finally over and class is officially in session.

Hearthstone’s new Scholomance Academy expansion is now live and introduces 135 new cards to the game. Out of the 135 new cards, 40 will be dual-class cards which are joining Hearthstone for the first time.

Alongside those cards will be a new Keyword called Spellburst. Cards with Spellburst have a one-time effect that is triggered the first time you cast a spell after it enters the field. Scholomance Academy also introduces a new spell type called Studies. These are spells that allow you to immediately Discover a card and reduce the mana cost of the next card you play of that type.

As if dual-class cards, Spellburst, and Studies aren’t exciting enough, if you play Warlock or Demon Hunter you get an extra treat. The Warlock and Demon Hunter classes will have access to a new mechanic called Soul Fragments.

Both Demon Hunter and Warlock will have cards that cycle Soul Fragments into and out of your deck in return for certain effects. Soul Fragments themselves are token cards that heal the Hero for two health when drawn and allow you to draw another card.

Since the expansion just launched, there isn’t anything to go off of in terms of an actual meta. There are, however, a number of theory-crafted decks floating around online that look promising. Below you’ll find the some promising options from noteworthy names in the Hearthstone community.

These should at least give you a decent idea of what you can aim for in terms of making something similar with cards you open. Since the expansion just debuted, crafting a ton of cards for a specific deck is not advised.

Dekkster’s Rattlegore Ripper Warrior

Kripp’s Reno Mage

Video via Kripparrian on YouTube

Old Guardian’s Polkelt Lock

Brian Kibler’s Adorable Infestation Druid

Video via Brian Kibler on YouTube

WillPwn’s Miracle Spell Shaman

Sidisi’s “Leos Guaridans” Hunter

Funki Monki’s Stealth Aggro Rogue

Image via Funki Monki on YouTube