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What time is it? Its Brewing Time!!! It has been some time since I posted brews of mine, so I decided it was time to start working on different decks and ideas. I mean, the game just had a new expansion, it is not like we’ll have to be playing the exact same decks as […]


What time is it? Its Brewing Time!!!

It has been some time since I posted brews of mine, so I decided it was time to start working on different decks and ideas. I mean, the game just had a new expansion, it is not like we’ll have to be playing the exact same decks as everyone else because all the decks people are playing right now are likely to not be their final versions, so we can just play different and awesome decks instead!

Today’s Decks to Play is a fully Brewing article, so prepare yourself to see fully functional, yet very different and innovative, Decks!

True Midrange DragonPriest

So at first there is Dragon Priest. People like to think Priest is suffering right now, but I have to say I strongly disagree with what people are thinking, the thing is that we’re all looking at the wrong direction!

So, there is Dragon Priest, people have been trying to put entombs and tons of late game on it and a forgetting the most obvious of the ideas behind it: museum-curator and forbidden-shaping are already late-game oriented cards if you want them to be!

So, instead of focusing ourselves on running bombs and winning on the late game, only to get destroyed by aggro because we failed to curve our only few cards of the early curves, why not make it so we have a much softer curve while still having a very powerful late game?

This is what I thought when I made this one version you guys are seeing right now.

So this is the build I played with around 80% win rate on the Legend from dumpster 3500 ranks to 400 before the season ended, I know that isn’t much but the win rate is quite the beauty to look at, and while I didn’t have time to play it some more, I believe this is more than a fine deck for you guys to play with this beginning of season!

I have recently been playtesting onyxia, alexstrasza and ysera over one copy of shifting-shade but I have to say the shade felt like a better card 3/4 of the times I actually drew the one big Legend I was using at the time.

So, are you looking for a fun and different Priest deck to play this week? Try my latest Dragon Priest deck and see for yourself!

C’Thun Tempo Mage

So this one deck took quite the time and effort to be made, but here it is, C’Thun Mage Prototype number 8.0!

After lots of tries with different versions, this was the final and more balanced version of C’Thun Tempo Mage I came up with, and boy how hard it was to make this work.

The worst obstacle I had when I started playing this was faceless-summoner, which was a card I refused to drop for quite some time. I kept losing games and stuck on a 50% winrate with the deck because I had this guy on the deck and it wasn’t being so great. Another problem I had were the Cultists, I just couldn’t figure out the best form of Cultist distribution to play – Play too many cultists, and you’ll be losing too much tempo, play few cultists, and your twin-emperor-veklor won’t be popping on curve.

So, the first problem I fixed was the number of Cultists, this version of Cultists is the result of countless versions and playtests, and while they seem to be too few, you’ll be able to consistently get your Vek’Lor brother out on turn 7 as long as you get two ticks from the +1 Cultists (both the 3/2 and the 3/4).

Then the second problem, which was the Faceless Summoner. As I said I refused to leave it and kept losing games with it making no difference later in the game, so I first took one out for a Polymorph and my Tempo Warrior matchup gained such a increase in value. Not only that, overall all the matchups felt better, but still not good enough. I felt the urgent need to put flamestrike back to the deck but was still refusing to take away the last faceless-summoner but in the end I made the trade and the deck just felt too good. I am currently on a 7 win streak and it just feels a lot more fluid.

The thing about Faceless is that it has no impact on the game the turn it is played, different from the other 7+ Tempo Mage cards, so having it in your deck won’t put you ahead in Tempo, but rather in value, and you don’t really want to value that much after you’re past 7 mana crystals.

And this list posted here is the latest version! Are you really after something very different? Try this one C’Thun Mage, should bring you up in the ranks very fast this week!

Low Cultist C’Thun Druid

I then got inspired by my C’Thun Mage’s math and decided it was time to go back to C’Thun Druid and do some tuning.

So I went back to the drawing board and started C’Thuning again on Druid.

Well, since I was already very familiar with the math it wasn’t very hard making a viable C’Thun Druid deck, all I needed was the correct dosage of cards in every curve.

The double twilight-elder is the thing that seems to be doing better than other tests, simply because you can innervate it on turn one and easily 2-3 for 1.

I also took a lot of tips from Stonekeep’s top 25 Ramp Druid guide he made.

The thing about Standard Ramp druid is that is seems a lot tempo-oriented than C’Thun Druid, and instead it aims on winning the game merely based on Value.

C’Thun Druid can out-tempo opponents a lot easier than Ramp Druid, this means the deck has a slightly inferior late game (very slightly, I might say) but instead it gains all this tempo related plays you can do.

Different from the other decks, this one is still being tested, and we can end up changing some things, so far we’re winning a lot with it. However, this happens mostly because we are at the beginning of a season, so I could be fighting against opponents that are not so good.

About the deck itself, the card I am most thinking about swapping is fandral-staghelm as I played him twice already and, despite winning the game, got nothing out of his ability for about 3-4 turns where I managed to keep him in play.

Despite not being perfected yet, C’Thun druid is, as proven by our recent playtest, a very good deck to play at the beginning of a season because we are bound to be facing a lot of random opponents and our deck is very consistent in what it does, so it is a good recommendation for you to play C’Thun Druid, despite what others may say.

Are you on to play some Druids? Want to finish that Golden Druid or just have fun with our little green friend? C’Thun Druid is the deck you should be playing this week!


And this is it!

Of all the decks, the one I will be playing this most this week is C’Thun Tempo Mage, because I still haven’t finished my all-Golden collection, and Mage is almost complete!

So, did you like my brews? Which deck are you going to be playtesting first? Don’t forget to let me know your results in the comments, they are very important!

Hope to see you guys again soon!

Much loves,


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