Decks to Play – Fighting off Warrior Control!

Well, Decks to Play is back with different and amazing Builds and Brews for you guys! Today’s decks to play is going to mix what you guys love the most, my Brews, with some amazing builds that have been shown to us lately. Today’s decks are unconventional ones also. I think it is time we […]


Well, Decks to Play is back with different and amazing Builds and Brews for you guys!

Today’s decks to play is going to mix what you guys love the most, my Brews, with some amazing builds that have been shown to us lately.

Today’s decks are unconventional ones also. I think it is time we stop seeing the same builds over and over with just updated slots and take some time to see a few different builds for us to ladder with!

Today’s Article has no Warlocks, no Warriors and no Shamans!

Nuba’s N’Zoth Priest

So I updated my N’Zoth Priest once again, and I have to say that this is the deck I have had the best performance this week by far, and make no mistake: I actually played a lot of decks this week, a LOT!

Basically, this is a Hard Control deck focused a lot on defending its early game and less on Fighting the Midrange strategy. This happens because the game has changed its focus a lot more to consistent early game strategies such as Shamans and Warlocks, and other classes such as Hunters that have decent early game with a few oppressive late game cards as well.

Warrior Control, however, still exists, and when played right is still the strongest deck in the game, so you always have to have Warrior in mind when making your decks, thing is you can’t go too greedy without losing games here and there to Aggro.

So Priest came to mind: You don’t actually need much late game to have oppressive matchups against Warrior as Priest, while you can focus a lot on early game matchups in your Deck building process.

This is a build made to fight decks trying to win in Tempo such as Shamans (both Midrange and Aggro), Warlocks and Hunters.

I was tinkering while build some decks a few days ago, and decided Priest was the one deck to play in the ladder right now, and as such I believe is the deck you should be playing this week as well!

As a heads up, much like all other Control Priest lists I have posted here, this one takes an absurd amount of skill to play, so in case you’re not familiar with it you’ll be losing games here and there, my suggestion is for you not to give up, because the better you get at it the better player you become overall.

AKAwonder C’Thun Druid

Another awesome deck I put my eyes on was AKAwonder’s take on cthun Druid.

The thing about these tournaments is that people don’t usually go after looking into decks from people that didn’t win, but we have to remember Hearthstone is a game of luck, especially when we are playing an 8-player single-elimination tournament the best player often doesn’t win, to top that all the 8 players qualified for the finals are amazing ones, and we have to take all of their lists in consideration equally.

So, this list.. I didn’t believe it was good enough, I thought about adding wild-growths to it, maybe changing one card here or there, but in the end I decided to play it as it was and test how the cards were matched and… Damn, what an amazing list!

This list is made a lot more tempo-oriented than other Druid lists, it actually has less problems fighting aggro than any Druid list I have seen while not losing much in the process.

I believe the card he added in place of the Wild Growths was beckoner-of-evil, which makes sense since we can’t let our opponents snowball, and sometimes playing early game stuff (even if they’re bad) is enough to force the opponent into dealing with your board.

Other interesting thing is that this deck is actually decent against Warriors, while innervate can win a lot of likely-unwinnable games.

I haven’t had much trouble with this list besides Shamans, which still presents some trouble here and there, but even here an early game innervate is likely to always win you the game anyway, since the deck is basically built to snowball.

Another interesting thing about this deck is fandral-staghelm without many cards to make use of it. I believe the reason this was done is that opponents aren’t used to playing vs this deck, and often they get desperate to get rid of Mr. Staghelm when you play him on curve even if you have nothing to take advantage of its ability, this often leads to odd plays which end up favoring you.

Nuba’s N’Zoth Hunter

And here we are with another of my takes on N’Zoth decks!

This time we are back into Hunting with N’Zoth Hunter! This deck exists simply because we are facing too many Warriors in the high end of the ladder – nearly everyone doing great in the ladder (top 100-ish) is playing Warrior.

But not everyone plays Warrior, people still play many things that demands doomsayer to be played in the deck. I still remain with my opinion that Doomsayer is one of the best cards in the game, and having him here feels much better than adding up weird and weak 2-drops to make up for the holes left in the rotation.

Doomsayer is also a very nice board-check play once you manage to clear before the N’Zoth turn or even before a call-of-the-wild – Don’t feel afraid to empty-board Doomsayer here and there if it is going to put you ahead the following turn, this deck can easily play the tempo game if handed to.


And this is it for today’s Decks to Play, I know I haven’t been writing many articles lately, but I have been playing other games as well outside of Hearthstone, I also have been playing a lot of tournaments and I have to say I am quite enjoying those.

By the way, I am thinking about investing some cash into EU accounts to play more tournaments, what do you people from EU think? I saw EU has a lot more tournaments than NA and in a lot of different times too. Still not sure though.

Well, hope you guys enjoy this week’s Deck lists, see you again soon in our next article,

Much love,