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Hello cuties and welcome to another edition of Decks to Play! In case you are new around here, this is a series of articles meant to give our readers (You!) the best and most updated deck lists out there as well as a heads up in the metagame! Thousands of new decks popped up this […]


Hello cuties and welcome to another edition of Decks to Play! In case you are new around here, this is a series of articles meant to give our readers (You!) the best and most updated deck lists out there as well as a heads up in the metagame!

Thousands of new decks popped up this week, and although some of them were very different than standard decks, I disliked the great majority and believe that the massive flow of people playing(*) made it so the legend rank got populated a lot earlier than other seasons, making it easier to get to legend this season than any season before thus explaining why we have so many people flying around claiming to have reached legend with such terrible decks.

But fear not, ol’ Nuba is here to separate the wheat from the chaff once again and provide you with only the best playable deck lists out there!

(*) – Holidays make it so there are a lot more people playing, therefore a lot more people going for legend. This season is also worth Blizzcon points, meaning yet another reason to play more Hearthstone now than our previous season, all of this makes it so we have a lot more people playing, meaning it gets easier to reach Legend.

So, are you ready for another amazing ride? Let us begin!

A little about the metagame this week

This week we had a couple of decks reaching Rank 1 Legend, and these lists for some reason haven’t been posted in many places. I didn’t find them in many websites so I believe it should feel amazing to know you’ll be one of the first that can clearly see these deck lists. Ostkaka reached Rank 1 with a kinda odd Secret Paladin list, SuperJJ also reached Rank 1 with an even odder Malygos Rogue list and so on.

A lot of people reached legend, and despite their deck lists being very interesting, most of these lists aren’t good enough that you’ll have either constant winrate with them, or you’ll just flat out lose almost all games you play with it.

I reached Legend playing my updated Control Priest list, posted on the Road to Perfection Priest Article, so in case you want a Priest list to play, that is the list for you as I am likely to not post any other priest list here.

Another list that did very well in the metagame that we also posted on last week’s Decks to Play was Aggro Shaman, and despite the metagame evolving, that deck list changed nothing from last week until now. The Reno Warlock list from last week got a major update and was used to reach high legend ranks this week so you’ll see a new Reno List posted here, about the other lists, well…

Ostkaka Rank 1 Legend Secret Paladin

This decklist…. Well, Ostkaka decided to dump a couple of useless cards such as repentance, that was being played around too often, as well as divine-favor, that was too inconsistent for this week’s metagame (too many Face-y stuff flying around) and made the deck a little more pro-active than it already is. He also uhhh, added a giant ragnaros-the-firelord to the deck making it more consistent late-game.

With this very list Ostkaka was able to reach Rank 1 Legend this week, and I believe it is the Secret Paladin list you should be playing. I don’t know how these lists aren’t being posted anywhere else but I have a slightly suspicion that this is happening due to CompetitiveHS’s new rules stating that you can’t simply post deck lists there anymore (despite being Rank 1 Legend lists), but I still quite can’t understand how this wasn’t posted on websites like hearthstonetopdecks and hearthpwn. Well, be it as it is, you guys have the decklist right here and now! 😀


Yeah! I played against him, so I went to his twitter to find the list.

PS: Suggestion for Non-Legend ranks: -1 blessing-of-kings +1 consecration.

Updated Reno Warlock

Apparently Justsaiyan and Surrender were able to build a very interesting and consistent Renolock build this weekend. This build became very popular and was the list I played to reach top 200 a few hours ago.

This is our standard Renolock build, but with a couple of different techs flying around, the most important of these techs: acidic-swamp-ooze, transforms the Face Shaman matchup into a nightmare for the Shaman.

In between Healbots, Farseers, Sweepers and, now, Oozes, Face Shaman has quite a lot of trouble dealing consistent Damage to Renolock, and this very list is the reason why Shaman’s popularity went down in the high tiers of the Legendary Rank.

The Voidcaller combo got back to the deck, and let us remember that malganis is yet another way of preventing you from taking damage to the face. The Trio Doomguard, Mal’Ganis and Voidcaller make this deck more consistent than the brothers Feugen and Stalagg, and is the pick of choice for this week’s metagame.

In case you want to play a list as consistent as possible, this is, without a doubt, the deck for you!

SuperJJ Rank 1 Legend Malygos Rogue

It seems like my initial predictions that these Miracle Rogue decks were all but too weak wasn’t very truthful after all!

This week we also had SuperJJ reaching Rank 1 Legend with a Malygos Rogue List, featuring old gadgetzan-auctioneer strategy that was reinforced by tomb-pillager’s addition to the deck in League of Explorers.

Despite other Miracle Rogue lists being too weak and vulnerable, SuperJJ’s Malygos list seems to have quite the strategy to dump all these cards, consistently, once you get your win condition(malygos) in hand. The biggest problem with Miracle decks nowadays is that they often get stuck not able to kill Warrior Control decks in any way, sometimes not even Priests, and that they need to draw their whole deck in their playing process, which makes them even more vulnerable to those decks as they are made with the intent to outlast any kind of strategy. Miracle lists are also weak against Face Decks, particularly Face Shaman simply wrecks those strategies. SuperJJ found a way to both diminish the number of “Combo” pieces in his deck as well as get a bigger anti-aggro arsenal, that combined with a pair of antique-healbot this specific Malygos build seems to perform quite better than previously posted Miracle lists.

This deck list in particular is good against 4 of the top 5 Decks in this metagame: Midrange Druid, Reno Warlock, Secret Paladin and Midrange Paladin, while not falling too far behind Face Shaman, and that is what makes this deck so strong right now.

If you are interested in playing rogue this week, this is the list for you!


As said before, there were quite a lot of deck lists being posted everywhere on the net but I disliked every single one of them, and in case you don’t want to play last week’s Face Shaman or Control Priest lists, I highly suggest you playing one of these 3 decklists posted in this article.

I hope you all enjoyed what you saw here! I might be posting another Decks to Play article being this year is over, so don’t forget to give your weekly check on Hearthstoneplayers before next year!

Love you all, cuties :3