Decks to Play – Which edition is this anyway?

Hello everyone and welcome to this edition of Decks to Play which I don’t even know which one it is anymore. It has been a long time since we started this, hasn’t it? But since Whispers of the Old Gods came out, we have been very busy writing tons and tons of Decks to Play […]


Hello everyone and welcome to this edition of Decks to Play which I don’t even know which one it is anymore.

It has been a long time since we started this, hasn’t it? But since Whispers of the Old Gods came out, we have been very busy writing tons and tons of Decks to Play for you guys. Truth is, I am very happy with it and I will keep doing these Decks to Play articles because the game has never been as fun as it is right now.

Well, now to the decks, it has been quite a “WOG” week, as once more we are seeing a lot of new, innovative and different decks, that combined with the Europe Preliminary and we have a lot to discuss today!

Let’s start with our first list?

Well Rounded-Miracle Rogue

Miracle Rogue went through a lot of changes lately, but the main deck’s core remains untouched.

Regardless, the deck still changed a lot, mostly going between earthen-ring-farseers, violet-teachers, and faceless-manipulator charger combos. Now the best versions among the ones posted seems to finally have been unfolded, and it is the one posted here for you guys!

This version seems quite simple and straightforward, and that is what makes it so good – it is consistent.

What makes me believe this is the best version is simply the fact many pro-players have chosen it as their list of choice, I also make a quick scan through the decks played in the EU prelims and noticed that this very version of miracle rogue was the most successful one up until this very moment.

So, are you looking for a well-shaped Miracle Rogue list? Well, we have just the one for you!

Reno Mage

Some dude called Abar got to Legend with this rather exotic version of Reno Mage, and I really got bugged by some choices he had.

I mean wtf, not picking cabalists-tome? And why on earth are you running flame-lance?? But truth been told, he wrote quite the guide explaining his Deck choices in /r/CompetitiveHS, and I don’t think there is much else for me to say regarding this deck that hasn’t been said in that gigantic wall of text the author made about it – He pretty much covered everything up regarding both Deck building as well as Playing the deck.

Just as a heads up though, giving emphasys to what the author said in the Reddit post: I don’t think you should change any card in this deck until you play it a lot, because despite not making much sense when you look at them, every one of them have a purpose!

So if you are looking for the most exotic (yet – functional!) deck to play with today, this is surely the one deck I would recommend.

Just another heads up, I played this deck on the ladder for a couple of games and so far, it seems quite consistent and powerful. Maybe it was just me being lucky, but every matchup felt decent to a point I felt in Control for the whole majority of the games. Only matchup I almost lost was a Pirate Warrior one, but at 1-hp I was able to make my Acolyte dig into a reno-jackson and still won the game.

After playing even more games, I still can’t quite tell if I am just being too lucky with it, or what is going on, but I haven’t lost with it yet, and its been what? 15 games? This deck is just working wonderfully! I urge you to play a 30/30 copy pasterino of this list! And don’t you dare swapping even just that one flame-lance, it has a purpose!

Beast Druid

Well, another cool version of Beast Druid just poped up.

A player named Guukiboii just got to top 20 Legend with a version similar to this one, but since I like doing my own changes I ultimately added fandral-staghelm because of how cool I think the card is. There are obvious a lot of interactions with it, and since the deck wasn’t worked on at all, should be a nice swap to keep a card such as Fandral on sight.

As to the deck, this is basically a Midrange-Aggro version of what used to be old Midrange-Druid, but since the deck doesn’t have the combo anymore it looks to win the game in some other ways, which is: By Aggroing.

This deck is very similar to pre-WOG Face Druid, but with the difference it doesn’t run old-force-of-nature or fel-reaver. However, what the deck loses in explosiveness it gains in consistency as mark-of-yshaarj helps you both cycle through your deck as well as keep the pressure rolling, while your Ramping with both innervate and darnassus-aspirant will be helping you to -almost- always stay ahead on board.

This obviously isn’t a Control deck, so you’re likely to eventually fall if the game takes too long, but I believe this deck to be decent enough that it can compete with Midrange Shaman on an even field. The unexpectedness of this deck is also a bonus when comparing it to other Midrange/Aggro decks, also savage-roar is still a very powerful tool that hasn’t been used much these days.


So we finished today’s Decks to Play. Sorry I wasn’t able to publish it sooner but I had a lot going on this weekend.

All in all, there are still a lot of things to discuss, and some more decklists I would want to talk about, I also want to talk about the Spring prelims deck lists and such, so be expecting more articles (more than one!) of mine coming up soon, don’t forget to keep track of Hearthstoneplayers so you don’t miss them!

Hope you guys find this article fun enough, and we’ll see each other again very soon!

Love you all,