Decks to Play – Blizzcon is here!!

I know, I know!! “But Nuba, Blizzcon hasn’t finished yet!! BibleThump” I knoooow!!! It is just that this week has had so much updates, and we also were able to get a lot from Blizzcon lists. We saw quite a lot of updates for recent deck lists, things we didn’t see before that actually makes […]


I know, I know!! “But Nuba, Blizzcon hasn’t finished yet!! BibleThump” I knoooow!!! It is just that this week has had so much updates, and we also were able to get a lot from Blizzcon lists.

We saw quite a lot of updates for recent deck lists, things we didn’t see before that actually makes a lot of sense right now, and despite us not knowing the complete deck lists, we can still make our own versions of these lists using these not-so-natural choices.

Also, the season is about to end so we are getting a lot of good lists in the top 1-50 of the ladder, which is another reason for me to make this article!

AND BY THE WAAAAAY I just got my Golden Paladin :D, as well as updated the Midrange Paladin list (a lot!) based upon Rikitikitavi’s top 15 Midrange Paladin list, which is a list that basically corrects every tempo-based problems that my list had.

So, this is going to be an amazing ride, probably one of the (if not THE) D2P articles I am most excited about writing, let us begin?

Updating Midrange Paladin to the Next-Level

When I first saw Rikitikitavi’s list I was just ashamed I wasn’t the one who came up with it before, I was too busy grinding my Golden Paladin with my previously posted Midrange Paladin list, and was too afraid to make major changes on it just because I didn’t want a negative win rate, but it turns out that this list is straight up better!

It fixes a lot of the problems I was trying to fix with my previous list as well as the ones that the previous list created. Most of the explanations behind having and not having some cards can be resumed with the word “Tempo”, as it was the main deck’s problem. This list can still lose if you are very unlucky and don’t come up with the correct responses, but overall it is much better than other lists, as proven by Rikitikitavi’s recent top 15 legend with it.

I made some small change to the list to adapt to my playstyle and to my experimental results of the previous lists and playtests, and replaced his loatheb with my justicar-trueheart, which is a change that makes a lot of sense.

Fel Reavers EVERYWHERE!!

This is a thing we saw quite a lot in the first week of Worlds: The fel-reaver spam. The card was added to most Aggro decks, despite of what deck we are talking about. From now on, Fel Reavers aren’t going to be exclusive to Aggro Druid and Mech-Based decks anymore, and now we’ll probably have them in any super-aggressive deck.

But what is the deal about Fel Reavers?? Well, the card itself can be horrible when killed by big-game-hunter, when stopped by Taunts or anything like that, it is a card made to close games quickly. The odds of getting Fel Reavers killed turns 9+ by Big Game Hunters are pretty high, however the Odds of having it killed let us say turn 5 are very low, and that is what makes the card shine! Aren’t we going Face anyway? So why not, eh?

Apparently, the Hunter list more fit to run Fel Reaver is the Hybrid one, this list can both play to Control the board as well as Face Rushing.

Tempo Mage

Another example of list that got more popular after the World’s first display was Tempo Mage. Hotform pilot a slightly different list than the one we are featuring today, but today’s list seems to be a lot strong in the ladder right now since it is focused on Midrange and Aggro matchup more than Control one.

Despite a different list being featured (a top 50 Legend list), keep in mind that you are bound to face a lot of Tempo Mages in the ladder this week because of the Worlds.

This is a list made to fight Secret Paladins and Face Hunters as well as to rush the opponent down, which is basically what we see and need in our everyday ladder, which is why this list is so different than Hotform’s list and why I recommend you playing it over Hotform’s.

Bloodlust in ALL Shamans!

Oh! Another great thing that just made sure what I said last article: Shaman is back. With Patron Warrior (or at least the old one) gone, now Shamans have a shot at being playable, as it is being shown at Worlds.

One thing that we haven’t realized, though, is that bloodlust is now a major player in Shaman. The games are still going to be quick, regardless of metagame, because that is just how the nature of Hearthstone is now that the power level is going up. Of course there are some decks made to make the game last very long, such as Warrior Control, in which by the way Shamans have a very easy time beating, but because there are decks like Face Hunter and Midrange Druid, we need ways to close games very quickly otherwise the game is going to get bad for us.

This week we saw a lot of Shaman wins, which is a class that we did not even expect to see at Worlds. If you are looking for my personal opinion, go for the Midrange Shaman lists and put bloodlust in them, but don’t go for the Aggro Shaman lists because they just don’t seem strong enough to compete because of various reasons.

Oh, and just to say, noticed that knife-juggler I put right there in the totem-golem slot? Well, the Golem was performing quite poorly and getting killed by literally anything that would also kill the Juggler. The golem was also locking me out of turn 3 tuskarr-totemic a lot more often than I’d like so I decided to switch a pair of Jugglers for them and test em’ out.


And here we are ending another Decks to Play article, I wrote this article about 4 days ago but forgot to write the Closing and and submit for some reason, but here we are finishing it and delivering it to you guys, I hope you all liked what you saw here and hope to see you again in the next article!

We will continue to write the Decks to Play article based on Blizzcon results which will somehow be mimicked in the ladder. Are you guys watching Blizzcon too? What are your opinions so far? Let me know in the comments!

Love you all :3