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How to Counter the Rise of Hunters

Hunters are populating all ranks up and down the ladder. We'll look at the popular variations and counters to these Hunters.

The Fourth week of Naxxramas saw a huge surge of Hunters, which is populating all ranks up and down the ladder. We’ll first look at the numerous variations of the Hunter decks, then look at some of the potential counters to these decks.

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The Variations

With the arrival of Mad Scientist, every Hunter deck – whether it’s Midrange or Aggro – is running it. The card is too good not to run it.

Classic Midrange

The classic Midrange build (with Savannah Highmane) has been updated – view the deck list here.

Counter Midrange

With the rise of so much Hunters, some players are coming out with variations to counter the  other Hunters – the inclusion of 2x flare, and stranglethorn-tiger (for earlier plays), such as the version here by DKMR Kisstaffer.


Then there are the Aggro Hunters. You can view Xixo’s version to the right. We see leper-gnome makes a return, due to the inclusion of undertaker, which has good synergy with a lot of the other Deathrattle cards already in the deck. These decks don’t run Highmanes nor Houndmasters.

The Counters

Control Paladin

Paladins have excellent answers to Hunters’ threats. The only weakness is the lack of silences. With board clears, aldor-peacekeeper and humility to negate Loatheb and Highmanes, multiple Taunters and Heals, Paladins are favorable against Hunters and can stretch into the long game easily. View decklist.

Also recommended if you are facing a lot of Warriors (who are queuing to counter the Hunters), since Paladins do have a leg up over Warriors as well.

Control Warrior

Warrior is excellent against Aggro Hunters before Naxxramas and still holds true now. Though the Midrange Hunters are proving tougher than Aggro Hunters, Warriors can still beat them with the right draws. Sample Warrior Control deck list here. Add a harrison-jones to really go Anti Hunter.

Control Priest

My favorite counter to the sea of Hunters. wild-pyromancer truely shines and I think silence is a true MVP in during this time of Deathrattle heavy meta. The Acidic Swamp Ooze and Harrison Jones serve to cut down their damage significantly. Acidic can be swapped out for another Earthen Ring Farseer for more flexibility. View list.

Backspace/Aggro Rogue

While Aggro Rogue hasn’t really been bolstered by the Naxxramas cards so far, except loatheb, they’re making a return due to the rise of Hunters. Check out the full Aggro Rogue guide here by ItsProtoHype. (Recommend removing wolfrider to make space for loatheb.

Aggro Hunter

If you want to fight evil with evil, Aggro Hunters are favorable against Midrange Hunters. Just make sure you’re not jumping into a sea of Warriors queuing for Ranked as well. Feel free to sub in ironbeak-owl to take care of the Mad Scientists and bypass beefy Taunts.

Be Careful with these Classes

In a Hunter heavy Meta, I wouldn’t recommend Shaman, Handlock, or Miracle Rogue (unless it’s Midrange Hunter heavy and no Aggro Hunters).

So hopefully you have a better idea how to take on the Hunters if your ladder is infested with them. The Final Quarter of Naxxramas is coming – we’ll see if the Hunters will stick around after its release.

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