Chameleos and Voodoo Doll interactions addressed with hot fixes

Thanks, Toast.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Two of Hearthstone‘s newest cards have received hot fixes, after a popular content creator highlighted issues with how they worked in game.

Whenever a new set of cards launches, there are bound to be some weird interactions. The Witchwood was no exception, and Blizzard has already resolved many of the problems. The issues were highlighted in a video on April 14 by popular content creator Jeremy “DisguisedToast” Wang.

The problems in particular focused on two very unique cards—Chameleos, and Voodoo Doll.

First of all, Chameleos had a problem with Worgen cards. Whenever a Worgen card was copied and the stats were swapped, those stats would be applied to all future cards that Chameleos. That meant Toast could kill his own Anduin Shadowreaper with its battlecry.

Then there were issues with Voodoo Doll being able to kill minions, or other types of cards, after targeting Chameleos. If Chameleos was bounced back to the hand and then became a Hero or Weapon card, the Voodoo Doll could still trigger and destroy the weapon, or win the game instantly.

Obviously none of these interactions were intended. But Blizzard has acted quickly to stamp them out—and it did give us this excellent DisguisedToast video, so it’s not all bad.