Cards to consider crafting in Hearthstone’s new expansion, Descent of Dragons

Are you tired of sitting on all that dust?

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Hearthstone’s latest expansion, Descent of Dragons, has finally been out for an entire week. Odds are you have a considerable amount of dust burning a hole through your virtual pocket. Though the new expansion is still incredibly young, a few cards are beginning to show consistent promise.

Blizzard still plans on releasing a balance patch for Shaman sometime this week, so we’ll be excluding the class from this list for the time being. If you’re someone who spent dust on a card that’s changed before the patch, don’t worry. Blizzard has indicated that it’ll give you a full dust refund for any crafted cards that were affected.

Here are some of the best cards to craft right now from Hearthstone’s Descent of Dragons.

Dragonqueen Alexstrasza

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If you enjoy playing the Highlander archetype, this one is a no brainer. Highlander decks gained a ton of support with Descent of Dragons and Dragonqueen Alexstrasza may be the best of it.

The card’s Battlecry adds two random dragons to your hand and causes them to cost zero mana. Since the card isn’t class-specific, you can get dragons from any class in Hearthstone. There’s no better feeling than high rolling a class Legendary dragon and then using it against a player of the class it belongs to.

Frizz Kindleroost

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This is another great addition to Highlander, even though it isn’t specific to the archetype. Frizz Kindleroost allows you to reduce the cost of dragons in your deck by two. Since there are so many good dragons in this expansion, nearly every class has some sort of dragon-themed deck. Frizz is a great addition to nearly any deck that’s dragon heavy. She’s especially great in Highlander Mage and Hunter.


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Hunter is the only class besides Shaman with a positive win rate on HS Replay right now. Veranus appears in both the Secret and Non-Secret version of Highlander Hunter.

The Legendary dragon has a Battlecry that changes the Health of all enemy minions to one. This is a great way to get past high-health value enemies and to set up for a powerful board clear. Anyone who plays Hunter should be able to get some use out of Veranus.


Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If you’re a fan of Pirate Warrior, then its time to start putting a crew together. No gaggle of scallywags would be complete this expansion without Ancharrr.

This weapon is a must for any Pirate Warrior build and it isn’t difficult to see why. After your Hero attacks, you’re able to draw a Pirate from your deck. This weapon serves its purpose as far as board clear is concerned and it also helps keep the Pirates flowing. If you face a Pirate Warrior and they play Ancharrr, prepare to be boarded.

Malygos, Aspect of Magic

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Malygos is one of the most powerful dragons in World of Warcraft lore, particularly when it comes to magic. It should be no surprise that his Legendary Mage minion iteration comes with a powerful Battlecry.

As long as you’re holding a dragon, Malygos allows you to Discover an upgraded Mage spell. These spells can be things like a Polymorph that only costs one mana or a Flamestrike that deals eight damage. If you’re using a Mage deck with a dragon package, Malygos is a must-add card.

Kronx Dragonhoof

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Kronx Dragonhoof is one mean dude. He’s also a great addition to any Galakrond deck. Despite Galakrond Shaman getting all the attention, there are still a few Galakrond decks doing well that may avoid the nerf bat. If Kronx is nerfed when changes to Shaman are made, then at least you’ll be able to get a full dust refund.

Anyone playing a Galakrond deck that belongs to the Rogue, Warlock, Warrior, or Priest classes will get plenty of value out of Kronx. Be warned, however. Although Galakrond Priest is arguably viable, the class only has a 38 percent win rate on HS Replay right now.

Lightforged Crusader

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This is arguably one of the most interesting cards printed in this expansion and is responsible for ushering in the Pure Paladin archetype. If your deck has no Neutral cards, Lightforged Crusader’s Battlecry will add five random Paladin cards to your hand.

The card also has stellar base stats and provides you with a 7/7 in addition to its powerful Battlecry. Pure Paladin uses a ton of cards that most Paladin players will probably already have. There are versions of the deck on HS Replay with positive win rates that have an extremely low dust cost.

Goru the Mightree

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Druid is similar to Priest in the sense that it hasn’t quite found its footing yet in this expansion. One deck that’s having some success for the class, however, is Token Druid.

This deck focuses on using cards that constantly produce Treants. Part of the reason the deck is seeing some success is thanks to the new Legendary card, Goru the Mightree. Goru provides a massive wall for your Treants to hide behind and also buffs them in the process. If you’re dedicated to the Druid class, Goru is definitely worth your dust.