Here’s the card reveal schedule for Hearthstone’s United in Stormwind expansion

New cards are on their way.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

A little over a week ago, Blizzard revealed Hearthstone’s next expansion, United In Stormwind. And now, you can check out the official reveal calendar for cards from the upcoming set.

As of right now, we know about 16 cards out of the 135 new ones coming with United In Stormwind. Starting on July 20, Blizzard will begin to reveal more United In Stormwind cards. Reveals will come through various content creators and media outlets.

The reveals will begin on July 20 and end with the reveal livestream on July 27. Any cards that aren’t revealed throughout the week will be unveiled during the official stream. That means before the end of the month, we’ll know every card coming in the new expansion.

In the past, Blizzard has done special themed card reveals like sending content creators puzzle boxes. Oftentimes, however, the reveal is as simple as a Twitch streamer flashing the card up on stream. Regardless of how Blizzard goes about the card reveals, this cycle it should still be exciting.

United In Stormwind comes with 135 cards and no shortage of new features. The new expansion marks the debut of the keyword Tradeable. Cards that are Tradeable can be swapped from your hand for a random card in your deck. United In Stormwind also introduces Profession Tools and Questlines.

Profession Tools are a new type of weapon card that features unique special abilities. Questlines are a new type of Quest card that acts as a chain. Questlines will start in your hand and require three steps of fulfillment. Once you fulfill every step of the Questline, you’ll receive a powerful Legendary minion.

You’ll be able to check out all of the features coming with United In Stormwind when it goes live on Aug. 3.

Here’s the card reveal schedule for United in Stormwind. Each time and date is hyperlinked (if available) to where the reveal is set to take place, according to Blizzard.