Card Analyzis of Goblins vs Gnomes – Part 2

We continue our review of the cards so far from Goblins vs Gnomes, Hearthstone’s first true expansion pack. This is part 2!


This is the Part 2 of 2 of the Article where I discuss the recently announced cards and features on the new Hearthstone Expansion: Goblins vs Gnomes, if you wish to read the previous talked cards and the features, you can find everything on the first part of this article, which can be found here:

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Now, let’s get back into the action!

The Newly Announced Cards – Part 2

madder-bomber: 5 mana for a 5/4? with possibly a drawback? No. No way.









mechwarper: 2 mana for a 2/3 is decent but nothing that great, the fact it can make it so you drop all your 1 drop mechs in turn 1 might make it so this guy sees play, depends a lot on the other mechs added to the game and how much mech decks will see play.







mekgineer-thermaplugg: There are simply much better cards for the mana cost, the fact this guy has no immediate effect on the board and still requires you to be somehow ahead and playing an aggro deck makes it so this guy is most likely to be a millhouse-manastorm-level legendary, which means we have yet another horrible Legend being added to the game that will be an instant DE.






micro-machine: Now, I am mad. I am really mad, seriously Blizzard! Look at this guy, alright, now look at undertaker, now look back at this guy and tell me how a card that is worse in every single level than undertaker can cost 1 more mana? It doesn’t gets its HP buffed, it doesn’t have stealth like shade-of-naxxramas. The sole fact this card was created is like blizzard admitting they either wanted a lot of bad cards on this expansion, or that they fucked up somewhere when creating undertaker and that it should cost 3 mana and not 1, but they forgot about it when released the card. unbelievable! This card is terrible by the way, 5 dust for you!




mimirons-head: I know what you’re thinking!! IT SPAWNS EXODIA! But then I gotta ruin your dreams a little: This card is terrible. it can be played around, since its not a instant effect, it only happens after your opponents turn, then it will always only work if you already won the game, and then sometimes even if by god knows how some chance this guy works there is a chance you’ll not win the game anyway. This guy is terrible and yet another instant-DE :/






piloted-shredder: A GOOD CARD FINALLY! I loved this guy, not only because it’s a good mech with a decent Deathrattle effect, but also because it has a deathrattle effect, meaning you can somehow use this with Naxxramas effects or just use this guy by itself since it’s a really decent 4-drop with a pretty amazing persistent effect.






piloted-sky-golem: ANOTHER ONE! YAY! Now, this card might seem bad: You do can get defender-of-argus or twilight-drake without their battlecries with it but the chances of getting a good 4-drop are much higher meaning this guy is a really decent 6-drop. Yes yes, there are good 6-drops too, like Cairne or Sylvanas, but this guy do has a unique effect and you do can use more than one of these meaning… consistency! I liked this guy, but as I said before: there might be better options for the 6-drop, which means this guy might not see the play I expect it too, regardless its a good replacing option! Not worse, not better, but as good as!





recombobulator: Another bad example of randomness applied. If you are running some minion on your deck, why would you want it to be something else? ._.








shrinkmeister: This guy’s text could have ended in the “-2” part, the fact it says “this turn” rather than not means as soon as you pass the turn the effect is over. There are much better options for the Control Priest already than this. You could see it with specific uses with cabal-shadow-priest or shadow-word-pain in aggro versions, but the situations are so few and limited that this card might be dead in your hand too many times to justify play. I dislike this card but I also recognize its potential. And in response to the hype there’s been going about this card, remember crazed-alchemist once was used in every priest deck for the exact same reason, but with slightly more uses than this guy(Nat Pagle was huge back in the day), yet, it was decided as a bad card in the deck because you 2-for-1 yourself a lot of situations with its effect.




sneeds-old-shredder: Errr… This guy can be decent, but it requires an even/empty state of the board to sometimes be better than the actual existing legendary cards for the slot (yes, im looking at you, ragnaros-the-firelord). I don’t know how good this guy will be, but I like its design, at least it’s not an instant-DE legendary card which is the first we see in this expansion until now. I liked this guy and I belive it will see play.






spider-tank: Vanilla minions stopped seeing play since Naxxramas came out, minions with effect have been the desired pick and I dont think this guy could see play, maybe it will since its body do is reliable and it do is a Mech, but only time will tell.







tinkertown-technician: I like this guy! Like mind-control-tech its got a decent body, and it has a very useful ability, unlike MCTech its got an ability that is much easier to trigger and grants a pretty good advantage.







unstable-portal: I belive this is the most fun card spoiled so far. I loved this: it draws you a card but it doesn’t take away from the deck, it can be something mediocre but can also be something huge, and the fact you can ramp up a turn 5 Ragnaros or a turn 2~3 Cairne or SKY GOLEM is nice, I liked this card, the effect  can be bad but again: The chances of it being good are higher! Loved this card and believe this will see play in mage decks.






upgraded-repair-bot: THIS GUY IS SO GOOD OMG… oh but it has to target a Mech, crap! I don’t see how this can be better than already existing priest cards but I gotta tell you, I liked this, it has so much potential! Priest cards are good and Mech Tribal isn’t something I have been thinking about, but is there a possibility of making a Mech-based Priest control deck? Who knows! There are still around 100 cards to be spoiled, and I do belive we could have this guy see play since its essentially 15 stats for 5 mana.






velens-chosen: I dislike buff cards, there is always the possibility of getting yourself 2 for 1’d, therefore I don’t like this. It’s a decent buff card nonetheless, I just dislike the buff-cards idea all together.




This expansion intends to shake the basis of this game, changing the meta completely and introduction a whole bunch of different play styles and strategies, what I do noticed about the cards released so far is that none are better or worse than the already existing cards, but they’re different options that you can take in order to obtain whatever result you intend to have. It’s sure going to be fun playing with all these new cards, and so far we don’t have any absurd card being added like we had in Naxxramas to completely take over the deck bases forcing us to use them due to its raw strength, and its been good! But remember we are still over 100 cards to go!

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