The BRM Nuba Report #2

After spending a weekend with the second wing of Blackrock Mountain - let's take a look at the deck lists that's on the ladder lately!



Week 2 has to be the most boring of all Blackrock Mountain (BRM) weeks. With only one “hype-worthy” card (imp-gang-boss), there wasn’t much new going on, rather just the re-structure of a few Warlock builds to add Imp Gang Boss.

Regardless, something still happened, and its nice to talk and discuss everything that happened in the metagame with the cards that were added.

Once again: These series are small Meta-reports that I will be doing while the BRM wings are being released, and once everything is released we will have the return of the Countering the Flavor of the Week Series (CFWS).

The Weekly Report

Once again we had a couple of cards being added to the game, but different from the last week we didn’t have much stuff showing up.

This week’s fights were once again very different from what we are used to, the Garr fight was the most interesting one, I loved that mechanic. while the Majordomo Executus fight was already expected (since we all knew how the card itself was supposed to work). Does anyone have any idea of how many Molten Giants does Baron Geddon has?? Good lord…

I have seen a lot of complains about how hard the Heroic Mode is being, but I have to say it is meant to be hard, it’s not like everyone should be able to get a free Heroic-mode-only Card Back, therefore having these extremely hard fights makes it so only people really interested in the actual challenges gets them. Unfortunately I am not one of these players, but once again a friend of mine posted the lists he was able to “easily” get through this week’s Heroic bosses. The Decklists are not in English, they are in portuguese, but I am sure you guys are able to distinguish the cards just by looking at their image. With no more delays, here are the lists:

Card Impact

Two weeks in a roll we were able to predict everything that was going to happen, yey!

majordomo-executus: The card is terrible, it actually lost a game I was watching on a stream where the Mech Mage got this out of the Unstable Portal, he played the card and his Druid Opponent killed it with big-game-hunter just to finish him off in the same turn using savage-roar. This card is terrible and will never see the light of day (competitive play).

blackwing-technician: This card saw zero play, but not because it’s a bad card. It saw no play because all the BRM Dragons were not released yet. I found it to be a waste of possibilities adding this card to this week’s wing, rather than just put it on a further wing. I mean, it’s a Blackwing Technician, for god sakes, what the hell is this doing on Molten Core??? O_O I expect this card to see tons of play in Dragon Decks once the fifth wing is out, but probably not before this… maybe the fourth who knows, since we will be getting Chromaggus already.

imp-gang-boss: This is the card that saw more play this week, this guy is (as we predicted) indeed a Powerhouse. Being the 3-drop Warlocks needed, it was enough to bring Zoo back to the Playable Tiers, Demonlock also got buffed by this, and both Zoo and Demonlock were able to, using Imp Gang Boss, get a #1 Legend spot somewhere around this second week of BRM.

axe-flinger: Such a weak 4-drop. This card saw zero play, even on Combo Warrior decks focused on dealing damage to their own minions this card was considered unplayable. The biggest reason behind this was its weak 2-attack, which is irrelevant in a lot of matches, and that its effect is not enough to justify it seeing play… maybe if this was a priest card… maybe….¯\_(?)_/¯

lava-shock: The hype was strong in this one. A lot of people tried this card out, but as we predicted that was going to happen, this card showed up to be irrelevant and nearly-unplayable in Shaman decks. Because it does 2 damage it can still be played, but as we discussed already the effects of this card are pretty weak, since as Shamans we don’t have draws or even cycle mechanics, and 2 damage is, most of the times, irrelevant. I won’t go too long here, since this was already discussed multiple times in the past weeks.

druid-of-the-flame: Being a fringe card, I believe we still can see this  card being played. But as for this week, only a few heavy Ramp Druids started using this card, and none was able to have remarkable results. As we discussed before, this card is somehow playable, but only for Druid Builds that do not run the force-of-nature+savage-roar combo, since for these combo lists, shade-of-naxxramas is much better.

Notable Deck Lists

We didn’t have as many lists as last week, so we won’t be posting as many lists today as we did before.

Interesting Enough, both Thaurissan and Loatheb ended up not making the cut in the Demonlock Build, rather than our initial thoughts about voidwalker. A very similar Build got #1 Legend NA, but it had some different points, such as bane-of-doom being added on it. Despite of that, I decided that posting my own list would be more ideal, since I believe it is more consistent. The name of the guy who got #1 Legend with Demonlock is Muzzy, and here is a small link to the decklist+proof of his achievement.

The mulligan for the Demonlock remain the same, you still only want 2-or-below drops against Aggro, and if you already have a good enough hand, you should keep the Imp Gang Boss. Against Midrange and/or Control decks its good to keep a voidcaller.

The Zoo got a huge benefit from Imp Gang Boss, and ended up being the most played deck this week. Thanks to the card, the deck’s curve stopped being poop and once again is strong, which made it so the deck became good. Other notable addition to the Zoo deck is dr-boom, which is justified simply by the Card’s broken powerlevel. I believe the only reason Boom was not being played in Zoo lists before was just that people didn’t even bothered testing Zoo, since everyone knew it was not strong enough to fight against existing decks. The name of the guy who achieved Rank 1 Legend with this deck this week is VictorCD.

Druid of the Flame made Control Ramp decks slightly more consistent, but nothing huge or even hype worthy. This is the list I am working on, the mulligan for this is pretty standard: Look for ramps (Wild Growth and Innervate), and in case you have them, look for stuff to ramp into. Druid of the Flame and Zombie Chow and both keeps, regardless of situation.

A List for Tomorrow!

Well, next week is going to be less boring than this week, regardless of having only one strong card being added to the game, which is dragon-consort, I believe it is going to impact the meta a lot more since it allow us to start working on our Dragon Decks. Obviously, the Dragon Decks are not going to be strong enough until we get to have the cards from the last wing, which will shape the deck, but we can start testing the cards separately, since dragon-consort‘s effect lasts until you play a dragon, and not only until the end of your turn, so you have a lot of time to draw into your big Dragons.

As for a Dragon Consort Deck List for the next week, this is my initial playtest list:

twilight-drake is something we will have to live with until we are able to playtest with hungry-dragon, but it’s somehow good to run this combined with azure-drake, since the Azure Drake’s draw adds value to the Twilight Drake, while both are Dragons which allow us to get Value out of both the Consort and the Technician, since we are already running 8 Dragons (which is probably going to be the ideal number of Dragons).

Notice that this is my playtest idea, and therefore it’s not guaranteed for you to get a lot of wins with it, but its a nice place to start testing Dragon Consort.

As for predictions, as said before, I believe only Dragon Consort is going to be good enough to see constructed play next week, unfortunately. However, week 4 is going to be huge, since every single card added to the game is going to be playable!


This is how I felt this week:

But I have to say, even only having one good card being released next week too, I am a lot more hyped about it than I was about Imp Gang Boss, since its going to allow us for a whole new deck archetype, and the unknown is something that excites me a lot: discovering new things, that is the thing that makes deckbuilders more hyped.

Sooo, this was this week’s meta report, not much happened and not many lists happened, but Blizzard is to blame and not the Deck Builders! I hope you guys had a fun time reading this small report, and I would much like to see you again next week!

PS: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention: Last week I said these series were going to be posted every friday, but I was mistaken. These series are monday~Tuesday posts, not Friday!

Much love guys!! See yall soon!