Brews to Play – Welcome Back! (Aggro Edition)

We are finally back! Oh my god how i wanted this, how I longed for this and thought it would never come. We are finally here, and Brews to Play is coming with all strength! Today’s decks are the Aggro ones, the powerful ones bound to take over the Ladder (at least efficiently) during the […]


We are finally back!

Oh my god how i wanted this, how I longed for this and thought it would never come. We are finally here, and Brews to Play is coming with all strength!

Today’s decks are the Aggro ones, the powerful ones bound to take over the Ladder (at least efficiently) during the first few days of Standard.

Everyone will be trying random Ultra-mega-hyper greedy Control decks, so how about we start this new Standard with some Aggro decks to punish these guys that don’t have access to this powerful tool you guys have: ME! 😀

I am here to build you all the most powerful theoretical decks, so fasten your seat belts and let’s start this wonderful trip to Legend-Land!


Did you really think Zoo was gone for good? Did you really think Zoo wasn’t going to dominate the ladder completely during the first week of WOG? Well, think again, as Zoo is as powerful as ever!

The thing about powerful Zoo decks is that they’re usually bound to be all about the 1-drops, and whenever the metagame starts lacking these 1-drops the Deck stops being powerful and starts being fair.

This deck, when compared to Wild Zoo, is a lot less persistent, but also seems a lot more aggressive and proactive.

This deck won’t have imp-losion, but we get a very nice replacement in the form of disciple-of-cthun.

Did you really think this card was only going to see play in C’Thun decks? Well, think again because it is just a very powerful Tool for Zoo decks to let go. The ability to deal damage to anything is awesome, especially when we’re playing a deck that wants to fight for Board Control at all costs!

bilefin-tidehunter is an awesome Aggro card, and probably to be seen in every aggro deck from now on, simply because it is a persistent minion and there aren’t many around anymore. The 1/1 also has taunt (as said in my review), which means it’ll protect your other bunch once the 2/1 part dies.

This, even before testing we already know this deck is powerful and well rounded up, and is probably the strongest option (together with the next deck) for you to start your new-Hearthstone grind with.

WOG Face Shaman

Face Shaman is now more powerful than ever, and this version seems to be the strongest that has ever existed.

Now, it is not hard to imagine that a deck that was already powerful in Wild, comes into standard being even more powerful, is going to be the strongest deck in the game.

This deck is going to be amazing, no doubt the strongest deck in the game for about 2 weeks before people start finding good/decent counters to it, and every deck building for the next 2 months or so will need to have this deck in mind.

Face Shaman comes with everything, and if you are not ready for it, you are probably going to be losing a lot of games.

As noticed, bilefin-tidehunter also makes an appearance here as the 2-drop of choice. The interaction it has with flametongue-totem is just too good to let go, and since we’re adding minions like argent-squire that gets much better with Flametongue, adding Bilefin as well seems just natural. The addition of Bilefin to this deck just proves how amazing the card is.

Oh, also, since we’re talking about the start of a new format, playing this deck is the strongest choice if you intend to get tons and tons of free wins.

WOG Face Paladin

Now here we are with another Face Deck, but this time we have a 100% theoretical one. Face Paladin will be the deck to be played if you intend to take advantage of Control Decks the most.

Paladin lost a lot of cards in the rotation – A LOT! So it is only natural that any Paladin deck post-rotation becomes a fully test deck until we’re able to pinpoint the exact build we’ll want to use as a base for our decks, but I believe we’re on the right track, simply because divine-favor exists, and making an Aggro deck around it seems to be an obvious choice if we’re looking for a way to make Aggro Paladin work.

I still don’t quite know the best Face Paladin build, and different from the Shaman and the Warlock ones I am not 100% positive that this build is going to be the best, but if you want to play Paladin I believe this is a fine playtesting start.

The thing that hurts Face Paladin the most here is the lack of ironbeak-owl because we don’t know if we can handle playing it for 3 mana anymore, but maybe it is viable. If you are struggling with this build, I recommend you swapping cards around, maybe even heightening the number of 1-cost cards in the deck.

WOG Midrange Hunter

And here we are our final deck of today’s Article.

Just like the previous one, this is a 100% theoretical deck, and we’ll have to playtest a lot and do a lot of changes until we are satisfied with the result.

This is, however, a fine way to deal with both Aggro and Control decks without losing in either of the matchups. We all know call-of-the-wild is a very powerful tool, but we just can’t tell right now which build is going to make the best use of it.

So I believe it is nice to start playtesting with Midrange Hunter as soon as possible, because once we get the perfect Call of the Wild build, we’re likely to dominate the ladder with it.

I still can’t quite tell a lot of things about this build, but it looks like the most resilient possible for a Hunter without hurting the Midrange Hunter playstyle.

infested-wolf is awesome, and so is psych-o-tron for that matter, which leads me to believe the 4-5-6 curve is good enough. The thing that bothers me right now is if the 1-2-3 curve is correct, and if we’ll want to use 2 or 1 copy of Call of the Wild. Well, i’ll only find that out once the Expansion hits!

jeweled-scarab seems good here, because the number of powerful 3-drops that Hunters have available to them. We are indeed losing a lot of powerful 2-drops for the Hunter’s curve, so it is only natural to look for different options to fill in the curve. Maybe this is good enough. Oh, it is also a Beast, so we have sinergy with both kill-command as well as houndmaster.

tournament-medic seems like an odd choice, but we’ll be facing so many Aggro decks that having some reliable healing source seems like a good call, still not quite sure though, as it seems to not fit the deck’s strategy.


It is 4AM right now, I spent a lot of time writing reviews and now brewing decks. But damn, this was rewarding. I hope to have helped you guys with the grind you’re about to see in front of you with these builds.

Next up? The Midrange/Control Brews! Stay Tuned for for the most amazing builds you’ve ever seen!

Love you guys, a lot!