Brews to Play – The Mrlghggeddon

Well, here I am sitting on my new house, people are working to bring the furniture but right now I just found some time, in between the whole new house thing to write a little about this week’s Brews to Play. Note that by the time I am writing this I have no internet acess […]


Well, here I am sitting on my new house, people are working to bring the furniture but right now I just found some time, in between the whole new house thing to write a little about this week’s Brews to Play. Note that by the time I am writing this I have no internet acess so I will be giving names to cards I don’t know and later on editing to clarify(to be most specific, the new Legendary Murloc and the new 3/2 Frog).

This week we aren’t getting much, a bunch of Murloc nonsense together with entomb and Pepe Frog(huge-toad).

Apart from these cards not being as good as last week’s cards and next week’s cards, we still can manage to make a couple of nice builds we can playtest, because even though the cards don’t seem to be “obvious” good, they can still be good and we have to test them out in order to really know.

Murlocs and Shamans

Sir Murlockinton(sir-finley-mrrgglton) is an interesting card, it helps changing one’s hero power into something more useful, and while this doesn’t seem very good for most classes, for Shamans it might be useful as the Hero Power isn’t good enough for any non-Midrange decks. Of course, summoning totems for a Midrange deck is amazing, but for both Aggro and Control lists the hero power doesn’t seem as useful as Life Tap or Steady Shot would be.

Thinking about it, I decided to release 2 possible Shaman lists this week: Control Shaman, updated with Sir Murlockinton and a whole new Murloc Shaman.

The Control Shaman is a deck I already known to work, but I still can’t tell if the new 1-drop Legendary from this expansion is going to be good enough in this deck. Ok, the hero power is ridiculously bad against some decks, like Freeze Mage and Aggro decks (any, really), but overall the card is still going to take a slot and we are indeed going to have to test it out. Oh, and remember Totem spamming is still beastly against Druids, so we wouldn’t want to play the Murloc against them.

Murloc Shaman is a whole other thing, I am not really sold on this deck as usually these kind of decks play around not being responded in the early turns to then snowball out of Control and win the game from there. Right, we’ll be having Sir Murloc to help us getting a better Aggro hero power, and Everyfin is Awesome seems to be… well, awesome in Murloc decks, but I don’t think this card will be enough to make the tribe playable, as the tribe is still very vulnerable to sweepers and will most likely always be.

Pepe Frog and Midrange Hunter

Midrange Hunter took a series of serious blows the past 2 expansions by not getting a single playable card, and while the deck was very strong prior to these expansions, it only diminished in power as other classes got bonus both expansions.

Pepe frog seems to be a nice beast, not good enough that it might not see play, but still decent enough that we should playtest and find out. The obvious spot to start playtesting it is Midrange Hunter, as this card seems to be too slow for Face Hunter (maybe we can play it instead of haunted-creeper?), so we should start the playtesting there. Obviously, we’ll end up putting the card in other decks to make the playtest, but I believe that if this card is to see play anywhere, it’ll be in Hunter decks as Druid’s beasts seem to be much better than a nearly-harmless frog(Hello druid-of-the-saber).

Entomb in Priests

entomb is something I have been thinking about this past week and I couldn’t figure out the best way of playing this card just yet. As far as I am thinking, this seems like a decent enough card to be played in Control Priest, probably a deck more focused on board Control and early game cards such as deathlord and shadow-madness, which will use Entomb to have win conditions against Control decks while not losing much against other type of decks.

I made this deck to try and take maximum advantage of Entomb, and while this seems odd it might be the best place to start playtesting it. Note that this deck should/could end up getting elise-starseeker added to its core after next wing’s cards are out.

Another nice card that can be added to this deck next week is museum-curator, but that is something we should be discussing next week as Entomb should be enough to make it playable.

Dart Trap Maybe Playable in Face Hunter?

Another thing I have been thinking that I won’t be posting here as a whole is dart-trap in Face Hunter. The card seems to be amazing against Control Warrior, Priests and most stuff Hunters have trouble with, they also happen to be good against Freeze Mage but hunters are already good against them anyway, I still don’t know if Dart Trap will be a thing, but at least against Warriors and Priests the card seems to be just too good. Wanna try something else out? Get your standard Face Hunter list, swap the Haunted Creepers for Pepe Frog, and add one more Trap in the form of Dart Trap and give the deck a spin.


And this is it for this week’s Brews to Play article! I wasn’t very excited about this week’s cards, as they seem rather clunky and only Entomb got me really interested, but overall I believe they have enough potential to be playable and to deserve a playtest.

Next week we’re getting a bunch of nice cards, so stay tuned for a lot of Brews in the article to come!

I hope you guys have been enjoying the Brews to Play series, and for everyone waiting for the Decks to Play weekly meta report, we’ll start having it again next week! :3

Love you guys, see ya next article!