Promising Hearthstone player hits biggest roadblock of his career: His parents

Making it as a pro gamer isn't easy

Making it as a pro gamer isn’t easy. It takes skill and more than a little luck. And for many, getting the support of your parents to chase your dream can make or break your chances.

Take Marcus “BOXception” Kwak. The college student qualified for the ESL Legendary Series season 2 finals, getting him an expenses-paid trip to California and a chance to compete with some of the best Hearthstone players in the world for a share of $25,000.

Unfortunately, his parents had other ideas.

“I told my dad and it was an immediate no and I got into a lot of trouble,” Kwak wrote on Reddit. “The decision that came down was I either give up my spot and not play in the LAN and stay under the support of my family, or I go and play but pack my things and leave home and I get all support cut off from my parents.”

With one year of college left, nowhere else to live over the summer, and no way of affording his final year without the support of his parents, the player had no choice but give up his spot. This was despite the fact he wouldn’t have pay anything to attend and that there was guaranteed prize money if he made top eight.

The Hearthstone Reddit community has rallied round the distraught player, with some attempting to convince him to defy his parents and others sharing their similar stories—including Nihilum captain Jakub “Lothar” Szygulski.

“My parents were extremely opposite to my gaming hobbies,” Szygulski wrote. ” even when they saw that it’s my passion. I didn’t ever get any support regarding my pursuits in gaming and my father actually banned me from gaming.”

His advice to Kwak? “You only have one life and you shouldn’t decline yourself a chance to be great at something.”

Other pro gamers to offer their support included Team8 top laner Steven “Calitrlolz” Kim.

Despite the support, Kwak has already given up his spot at the LAN.

“In the end I do only have one more year left,” he said. “So might as well finish it all the way through then decide what comes next. But don’t worry, the dream is not completely dead and is currently put on hold.”

Image via ESL