Blizzard reveals rewards track details for Hearthstone’s United in Stormwind

See the potential prizes you can get with the new expansion's rewards track.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard has unveiled the rewards track for Hearthstone’s next expansion, United in Stormwind.

Standard packs, the Stormwind card back, Tavern Tickets, a random Epic card, two random Legendary cards, and a lot of gold are the potential prizes you can get for leveling up through the rewards track. There are also 14 uncraftable Golden cards and the uncraftable Legendary minion Lady Prestor. For finishing the track, you’ll get to choose from one of 10 returning hero skins.

During the last expansion, Blizzard started adding Diamond cards, which are rare cards that go above and beyond the Legendary status of existing cards. They upgrade existing cards with a diamond outline and the character’s weapons look like they’re coming out of the card. Varian, King of Stormwind and Darkbishop Benedictus will be the two Diamond cards that you can earn if you complete a couple of criteria. For Varian, you’ll need to acquire the Tavern Pass. But for Darkbishop, you have to complete the United in Stormwind Legendary Collector achievement, which requires you to unlock 25 different Legendary cards.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

If you purchase the Tavern Pass at any point while the expansion is ongoing, you’ll immediately get Diamond Varian, a 10-percent experience boost that lasts throughout the expansion, and all items up to the current level of the pass on the paid track. As you advance through the pass, you’ll get additional experience boosts, the uncraftable Golden Legendary Flightmaster Dungar, the Yrel card back and alternate hero, and an all-new cosmetic coin.

Here’s the full rewards track for United in Stormwind.

LevelXP to LevelCumulative XPFree trackTavern Pass
100Legendary (Uncraftable) – Lady Prestor10% XP Boost, Varian Diamond Card (Uncraftable)
210010050 Gold
3100200Stormwind Pack
41503502 x Golden Common (Uncraftable) – Pandaren Importer
5150500Stormwind PackChef Scabbs Hero Skin (Rogue) 
62257252 x Golden Common (Uncraftable) – Spice Bread Baker
722595050 Gold
830012502 x Golden Common (Uncraftable) – Rustrot Viper
93001550Stormwind Pack
103251875Random Epic CardGuff Runetotem Hero Skin (Druid)
11325220050 Gold
12350255050 Gold
133502900Golden Rare (Uncraftable) – Mailbox Dancer
14375327550 Gold
153753650Card Back (Stormwind)Scholomance Tamsin Hero Skin (Warlock)
16400405050 Gold
17400445050 Gold
184254875Standard Pack*
19425530050 Gold
204505750Random Legendary Card15% XP Boost
21450620050 Gold
22550675050 Gold
236007350Golden Rare (Uncraftable) – Encumbered Pack Mule
24650800050 Gold
256758675Standard Pack*Golden Legendary (Uncraftable) – Dungar
26675935050 Gold
278751022550 Gold
2887511100Golden Rare (Uncraftable) – Entrapped Sorceress
2910001210050 Gold
30110013200Tavern TicketYrel Card Back
3112001440050 Gold
3212001560050 Gold
33125016850Golden Rare (Uncraftable) – Mailbox Dancer
3412501810050 Gold
35130019400Standard Pack*Agent Scabbs Hero Skin (Rogue)
3613002070050 Gold
3713502205050 Gold
38135023400Golden Rare (Uncraftable) – Encumbered Pack Mule
3914002480050 Gold
40140026200Standard Pack*Spelunker Guff Hero Skin (Druid) 
4114502765050 Gold
4214502910050 Gold
43150030600Golden Rare (Uncraftable) – Entrapped Sorceress
4415003210050 Gold
45155033650Tavern TicketImpressive Tamsin Hero Skin (Warlock)
4615503520050 Gold
4716003680050 Gold
48160038400Standard Pack*
49165040050Tavern Ticket
50165041700Random Legendary CardYrel Hero Skin (Paladin) 
51170043,40075 Gold
52170045,10075 Gold
53175046,85075 Gold
54175048,60075 Gold
55180050,400Standard Pack*Investigator Scabbs Hero Skin (Rogue)
56180052,20075 Gold
57185054,05075 Gold
58185055,90075 Gold
59190057,80075 Gold
60190059,700Standard Pack*Fangbound Guff Hero Skin (Druid)
61195061,65075 Gold
62195063,60075 Gold
63200065,60075 Gold
64200067,60075 Gold
65205069,650Golden Epic (Uncraftable) – Elwynn Boar
66205071,70075 Gold
67212573,82575 Gold
68212575,95075 Gold
69225078,20075 Gold
70225080,450Standard Pack*20% XP Boost
71237582,82575 Gold
72237585,20075 Gold
73250087,70075 Gold
74250090,20075 Gold
75250092,700Golden Epic (Uncraftable) – Elwynn Boar
76250095,200100 Gold
77250097,700100 Gold
782500100,200100 Gold
792500102,700100 Gold
802500105,200100 GoldSummoner Tamsin Hero Skin (Warlock)
812500107,700100 Gold
822500110,200100 Gold
832500112,700100 Gold
842500115,200100 Gold
852500117,700100 Gold
862500120,200100 Gold
872500122,700100 Gold
882500125,200100 Gold
892500127,700100 Gold
902500130,200150 GoldStormwind Cosmetic Coin
912500132,700150 Gold
922500135,200150 Gold
932500137,700150 Gold
942500140,200150 Gold
952500142,700150 Gold
962500145,200150 Gold
972500147,700150 Gold
982500150,200150 Gold
992500152,700150 Gold
1002500155,200Hero Skin ChoiceUndercover Scabbs Hero Skin (Rogue), Fauna Friend Guff Hero Skin (Druid), Tamsin Triumphant Hero Skin (Warlock)
101 to 1301325 to 1475[…]50 Gold
131 to 4001500602,20050 Gold

The United in Stormwind expansion is set to go live on Aug. 3.