Blizzard is offering Hearthstone fans free Saviors of Uldum packs for watching Grandmasters on Twitch

Tune in to earn free Saviors of Uldum expansion packs.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Week three of Hearthstone’s Grandmasters season two is in full swing and Blizzard Entertainment is celebrating the game’s most recent expansion by offering those who tune into the Twitch broadcast over the next several weeks a chance to earn free Saviors of Uldum packs.

Beginning today, Blizzard is giving out free Saviors of Uldum card packs every hour of the broadcast to 1,500 eligible viewers who have linked their accounts.

Once the playoffs kick off on Oct. 11, Blizzard will expand the amount of Twitch Drops it’s offering to fans. Viewers who watch three hours (consecutive or not) are guaranteed to earn one Saviors of Uldum card pack and those who watch a total of six hours will receive an additional pack.

To link their accounts, viewers will need to venture into their account settings on Twitch and click on the Connections tab. From there, users can follow the instructions underneath the section to log onto their account and link it with their Twitch.

Season two of Hearthstone’s Grandmasters kicked off on Aug. 23 with the introduction of the Conquest format, which allows players to bring four decks from different classes instead of the usual three decks found in the Specialist format. In the Conquest format, players will start with a shielding phase to protect one of their decks from being banned, followed by a banning phase where players remove one of their opponent’s non-shielded decks.

Hearthstone Grandmaster seasons consist of eight weeks. Every weekend, matches begin on Friday and run from 4am CT to 6pm CT each day. The playoffs from Oct. 11 to 13 will wrap up the season and will be the last chance for fans of the game to earn Twitch Drops.