Best Hunter decks to use in Hearthstone

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Over the past few months, Hearthstone has undergone some major changes. The Madness at the Darkmoon Faire expansion made its debut and was followed by the game’s first mini-set, Darkmoon Races.

Both of these new sets have changed the way we play Hearthstone. One thing that doesn’t ever seem to change, however, is the dominance of Hunter. No matter what expansion is defining the meta, it seems like you can always count on the Hunter class to be near the top spot.

At time of writing, the Hunter class has over a 52-percent win rate on, the most reliable Hearthstone statistics tracking site there is. The only class ahead of Hunter is Paladin with a 54-percent win rate, undoubtedly due to the success of the Pure and Ramp Paladin archetypes.

If you decide to invest your dust and time into Hunter, you won’t be disappointed. But Hunter does have a specific playstyle. If you enjoy decks geared toward Beast mastery and direct damage, Hunter may be right for you.

Right now, there are two separate Hunter decks that are dominating the meta. Both of these decks could be considered tier-one decks and can see successful play regardless of rank. One is significantly cheaper than the other and has much faster games. The other is more methodical and full of exciting pricey minions.

Here are the lists for both Face and Highlander Hunter, as well as which deck you should choose based on your playstyle. Since Hearthstone’s meta is constantly evolving, always craft with caution.

Highlander Hunter

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The Highlander archetype is one of the most fun in Hearthstone. It’s also one of the most difficult to pilot, though. In a Highlander deck, you only have one copy of each card. This results in a deck full of powerful cards, but you have to be careful about when you play them. Playing a certain card too early can result in a thrown match later in the game.

The appeal of Highlander Hunter is the ability to play a longer, control-oriented game. This version of Highlander Hunter has a 61-percent win rate on HSReplay right now, so it can definitely help you get the job done.

Face Hunter

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Copy this code to use this deck in Hearthstone: AAECAR8GhwTJBJ+lA4WwA4ewA/bWAwyoAv4M+68D/K8DorkD/7oD3MwDm80Dos4DgtADxtEDudIDAA==

Face Hunter is what some might call the Hearthstone equivalent to Magic: The Gathering’s Red Deck Wins. You can expect fast games that don’t have too many difficult decisions. When in doubt with Face Hunter, go face. With this deck, you’ll be focused on using your Hero Power, as well as the rest of your tools, to target your opponent’s face as much as possible.

If you want a deck that wins consistently and won’t break the dust bank, Face Hunter is perfect.