The biggest and best Hearthstone streamers on Twitch

Here are the main figures to watch if you want to improve in Hearthstone.

Photo via Blizzard Entertainment

While Hearthstone viewership has dwindled over the past couple of years, it remains a popular game with a lot of active streamers and tournaments on a constant basis.

That popularity has been driven, arguably, more by the personalities streamers than the game itself. No matter what time of day you are online, you can find an entertaining and educational streamer–who you might not know, but will come to love–broadcasting to thousands.

Here are five of the biggest and best English-speaking Hearthstone streamers to watch on Twitch.


As one of the best competitive players in the world, Thijs has enjoyed a recent rise to prominence in the streaming world. Regularly competing in Hearthstone tournaments, he has two European championships to his name as well as other major tournament wins, and his stream reflects that level of play.

Thjis actively tries out new decks on his stream, which you can take inspiration from and try to replicate his high-tier performances. While you will need to go through a lot of steps to reach his level of performance, he is the guy to watch and educate you on how to play with various decks.

The happy-go-lucky player is almost impossible to dislike. Even when he isn’t beaming while destroying opponents, he’s incredibly likable as he showed in this honest and emotional stream about his group-stage exit from the 2016 World Championship.


Kibler is a card game legend. A Magic: The Gathering hall of famer, Kibler has now carved out a great career for himself in Hearthstone. After beginning to stream and compete in 2014, his insightful commentary and deckbuilding acumen soon saw him accrue a substantial following.

Known for his love of dragons, Kibler is an all-around great streamer–supremely entertaining, but still guaranteed to teach you something. During his streams, you can catch him climbing the ranked ladder in the regular Hearthstone formats or experiment in the Battlegrounds.


If you want to watch high level pro play in Battlegrounds or Duels, DogDog’s stream should be one of the first places you go to.

He used to be one of the most popular players in the regular formats, but the Battlegrounds release saw him pivot towards them. DogDog is constantly testing new tactics in the mode and might occasionally still drop in on his old flame, traditional Hearthstone. If you want to see what the climb to high MMR in Battlegrounds is like with educational, low-key commentary, then check Dog out.


For a more educational and insightful stream, Savjz is the player to watch. Just like DogDog, he was one of the most popular streamers in Hearthstone but quit the regular format a couple of years ago. He returned to play once again, and you can catch him practice in either Battlegrounds or experiment with new decks on the ranked ladder. While he isn’t the consistent, legendary player he once was, he is still a great, well-rounded player to watch to learn a thing or two and get some tidbits and stories about how Hearthstone used to be.


If you want to watch high-level pro play in both the constructed and Battlegrounds format, Rdu is another player to watch. The G2 Esports streamer is educational, informative, and fun to watch, which can aid you a lot during your ranked climb. He has a couple of major tournament wins under his belt and is currently competing in the Masters Tours, ensuring up-to-date insight to trends and metas.