Best Hearthstone decks to try in January 2022

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If you’re a Hearthstone fan, you probably spent December cuddled up in your Murloc pajamas while testing out the new expansion, Fractured in Alterac Valley. And after a series of overarching balance changes, you may be wondering which decks are worth playing heading into 2022.

Fractured in Alterac Valley has introduced and empowered a variety of interesting archetypes. A large focus of the recent balance changes was on empowering some of those archetypes that were falling short of the mark, including a heavy emphasis on the Mage class.

Since Fractured in Alterac Valley is still early in its lifespan, you’ll want to craft with extreme caution. More balance changes could be around the corner, so who knows where the meta might be a month from now.

That being said, provided there aren’t any extreme changes within the next 30 days, the decks found below should net you plenty of wins as you bring in the new year. Here are the best Hearthstone decks to try during January 2022.

Ping Mage

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The riskiest of the three decks in terms of crafting, Ping Mage seems to be the archetype that’s performing the best for the class since the recent balance changes. Buffs to Magister Dawngrasp have made the card much more effective than it previously was, but it’s still too soon to know whether this deck has serious staying power. If you’re a disenfranchised Mage player desperate for something to play, however, this deck is worth a shot.

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Quest Warrior

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If you like winning games in a swift fashion, you’re probably already familiar with Quest Warrior. Likely the best aggressive deck in the game at the moment, Quest Warrior has been dominant throughout the past few months in Hearthstone. This version of the deck sits at a 67-percent win rate on, but there are also versions that feature Lord Barov with similar statistics. If you like Pirates and have a decent Warrior collection, give this list a go.

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Libram Paladin

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Speaking of Lord Barov, he’s featured in what’s arguably the best deck in Hearthstone right now: Libram Paladin. This deck is filled to the brim with powerful Legendary minions that work in tandem with one another to provide a mid-range style beat down. You’ll be buffing minions on the board and in your hand throughout the match, eventually overwhelming your opponent with an army of light-wielding warriors. If you love the Paladin class or just like winning, Libram Paladin is where it’s at.

Copy this code to use this deck in Hearthstone: AAECAZ8FBoTBA5PQA/voA5HsA9n5A+CLBAz9uAPquQPruQPsuQPKwQOVzQPA0QPM6wPw9gON+APhpAT5pAQA

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