29 April 2017 - 18:13

What is the best Hearthstone class right now?

The meta has changed dramatically—so which class is on top?
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Knights of the Frozen Throne has fundamentally changed Hearthstone's meta. Decks that were on top now languish in obscurity, with classes thought dead having now brought back to life.

So which class is on top right now? It's not an easy question. But combining meta snapshots from sites like Vicious Syndicate and Tempo Storm, among other factors like viability and success in competitive play, we've attempted to build a picture of the meta as it currently stands.

Here are where the classes stand right now—though it's a steep drop off from the number one spot.

1) Druid

There can be only one.

Druid is head and shoulders above every other class in the meta right now. It makes up between 30 and 40 percent of decks played on ladder according to Vicious Syndicate.

Aggro Druid only has one weak match up according to VS, Big Priest. Every other deck in the meta can be easily swept aside by this board flood strategy. Jade Druid is still very strong too, and has been helped by the addition of Spreading Plague and Ultimate Infestation to strengthen the control tools in the deck.

Even outside of those two decks that are dominating the meta, there are even more strong Druid options. Midrange Token Druid and Big Druid can still get work done.

Changes could well be coming to Druid in the near future, but until then it's the king of the meta.

2) Priest

On the last iteration of this list, we wrote that Priest was in the best spot it had been for some time—as the sixth best class.

How ridiculous that looks in hindsight. Thanks the Priest Hero card added in Knights of the Frozen Throne, Highlander Priest has made a roaring comeback.

The deck uses powerful cards like Raza the Unchained and Kazakus that require single-card decks, with the combo of Raza and the Hero card providing insane machine-gun-like damage output.

Control Priest, now more commonly known at Big Priest, is also a strong choice in the current meta. Dragon Priest is still hanging around too.

3) Mage

A few months ago, Freeze Mage was still top of the heap—but Exodia Mage was making a run.

Now the tables have completely turned, and Exodia Mage is the Mage deck of choice for most players. The deck has some of the classic pieces of Freeze Mage like Ice Block, but relies on card generation from Babbling Book and Cabalist Tome to create more firepower.

Control Mage is also strong, a variant on Freeze Mage. The deck adds Frost Lich Jaina as a finisher, to dominate the board with healing Elementals and make yourself almost unkillable.

4) Paladin

Paladin still has a solid place in this meta, with the variation in Murloc Paladin mostly having been refined.

Murloc Paladin still makes use of that strong fishy package with Hydrologist, Murloc Warleader, and Rockpool Hunter driving it forward. Righteous Protector and Bonemare are among the Frozen Throne additions to the deck.

Some players are still plugging away with Control Paladin, too, thanks to the class's excellent selection of late game weapons like Tirion and Ragnaros Lightlord.

5) Warrior

And here we find the former king.

Pirate Warrior is still strong, don't get it twisted. But the fact that the deck has been on top for so long means that it's been figured out. You can still get quick wins with it on ladder, but the control meta means you can often run into trouble if you don't draw the nuts.

Sadly, that's pretty much the whole story for Warrior. The Jade Druid matchup is really bad for slower Warrior decks, making them basically unplayable.

6) Shaman

Things get a little bleak for these bottom four classes, as the control meta has stretched the divide between the top and bottom of the meta.

Your only real option for Shaman is Token Evolve Shaman. Saronite Chain Gang is a nice addition to the deck, and some people are playing the new Hero card too. But at its core the deck hasn't really changed for some time. Doppleganster, Evolve, get lucky.

7) Warlock

For a long time, you would have been forgiven for thinking Hearthstone only had eight classes.

Thankfully the new Warlock Hero card has given the class some relevance once again. Control Warlock is the most common option by far. The deck is pretty much just a new take on the classic Handlock formula of Giants and Taunts. It adds new cards like Bloodreaver Gul'dan and The Lich King, but the strategy is still the same.

You can try some kind of Midrange Warlock if you like—but it probably won't go well.

8) Hunter

The more things change the more they stay the same—if you're a Hunter player that is.

The attempts to push a slower Hunter playstyle with Frozen Throne simply did not work. You can build as many Zombeasts as you like, you're just going to get run over with Druid or Priest or really anything else.

That leaves Hunter with the same old aggressive and midrange strategies that have been poor for ages now. Poor Rexxar.

9) Rogue

Remember Quest Rogue?

After Journey to Un'Goro came out, Quest Rogue was absolutely unstoppable. Now the deck has completely disappeared. It makes up 0.04 percent of recorded matches on the Vicious Syndicate live stats at time of writing.

But Rogue will always have fans. Miracle Rogue has long been a pro's favorite, as it is one of the most complex decks in the meta. Is it any good right now? To the average player, no. Try something else.

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