Ben Brode teases Witchwood card that will make players “lose their minds”

The final livestream is later today.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Ahead of today’s final The Witchwood card reveal stream, game director Ben Brode has been teasing some of what is yet to come.

In an interview at PAX East with Shack News, Brode discussed the expansion and the new cards—including one that has not yet been revealed.

“There’s a Shaman card coming up that I think players are going to lose their minds about.” Brode said. “It’s ridiculous.”

With 45 of the 135 cards still to be revealed, Shaman is one of just two classes with an unannounced legendary. Each class is getting two legendary minions, apart from Shaman—they are getting the only Hero card of the set, Hagatha. Shaman’s other legendary, along with the final legendary for Paladin, will be part of the final reveals.

Brode is likely talking about the legendary, but there are two Shaman rares and two commons to be revealed too.

The Witchwood, which is the first expansion of Hearthstone‘s new Standard year, takes place in a forests around the Gilneas area of the Warcraft universe. According to Brode the expansion started in Gilneas itself as a murder mystery, but moved to the forest around it.

The expansion will also bring with it a new PvE mode, Monster Hunt. Brode also gave some details on the mode in the interview, including some unique twists for the heroes.

In Monster Hunt, players run through missions as one of four heroes unique to the mode. Monster Hunt classes are similar to existing classes, but with a twist. Cannoneer uses Warrior cards, but has a Cannon permanently on board that can be moved around and fired using the hero power. Time Tinker is a Mage, who has to fight herself from the future. Every class has a nemesis—and once you beat all four, the classes team up to fight Hagatha in the finale.

With the final livestream tonight, and the expansion releasing on Thursday, the hype has almost reached fever pitch.