The most anticipated card of the new Hearthstone set, Bearshark, revealed

The Druid legendary is here too.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

As soon as players got a glimpse of the card art, one of the biggest questions about Knights of the Frozen Throne has been “what exactly is Bearshark going to do?”

Today, we finally have our answer—and we know what the Druid legendary looks like, too.

With the undisputed best art in Hearthstone to date, Bearshark doesn’t even disappoint by being immediately terrible. Three mana 4/3 is an okay shape, and it has an untargetable effect. However it could be hard for this to see play in Hunter—not least because Hunter is in the doldrums, and desperately searching for a new identity. It’s not outstanding enough to demand a place in a new archetype, but time will tell if it does serve some utility.

For a long time, Blizzard has almost universally shied away from creating strong class legendaries. Perhaps that is down to the strength of some of the classic legendaries, and not wanting to tip the scales even further. That seems to have changed with Frozen Throne however. The Hunter and Mage legendaries look great, and the Warlock legendary has potential.

Now we have the Druid legendary. And Big Druid fans are rejoicing. Effectively it’s N’Zoth for Taunt minions, and with cards like Ancient of War a staple of the class this could lead to a very top-heavy Druid making an appearance in the meta.

More cards will continue to be revealed throughout the day, with a card reveal stream scheduled for tomorrow.