Hearthstone Arena class tier list

Pick one of the top classes to enjoy multiple wins in the arena.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

While some players enjoy playing the constructed format in Hearthstone, others like to play the draft Arena format, which pushes players to adapt to their choices and build a unique deck. 

With constant balance changes, it might be hard to keep track of which class is performing the best so you can accumulate as many wins as possible. We ranked the top five classes to help you build a winning deck and enjoy your 12-win Arena rewards.


Druid is currently dominating the Arena meta after the recent expansion gave the class powerful new cards. The class has a decent hero power to control the early-game board, which gives them one attack and one armor when used, ensuring they can draft towards their win condition. Most players aim to pick up cheap early-game minions and all the buff spells to create unstoppable boards during the fourth or fifth turn. This tactic succeeds in most matches since a lot of players tend to build midrange decks, so by the time they draw good creatures or spells, they’ll be overwhelmed.

Cards to draft

  • Venomous Scorpid
  • Nature Studies
  • Mark of the Lotus
  • Acornbearer
  • Power of the Wild

You should pick up these cards whenever you see them in draft since they help you build a token-oriented playstyle and win the game during the first couple of turns.


Rogues closely trail Druids due to their hero power, which can be used to control the board during multiple turns. If you draft weapon-enhancing cards, you can ensure your hero power becomes a threat. The hero power isn’t the only powerful thing of the Rogue class, though. It also has access to various minions which generate powerful spells, allowing you to quickly adjust to the game state. One of the strongest early-game minions is Wand Thief, which allows you to discover a Mage spell and is overall quite powerful.

Cards to draft

  • Wicked Stab
  •  Wand Thief
  •  Venomous Scorpid
  • Swashburglar
  • Efficient Octo-bot

These minions are powerful and have strong effects on top of being great during the early turns on board. Their generated spells can quickly change your game plan and give you an easier time of winning the match.


Warlocks are strong in the Arena due to their hero power, which allows them to quickly cycle through their deck and draw the required cards to win the game. Most players tend to aim towards Zoo archetypes so they can snowball the board and overwhelm their opponent while using Life Tap every turn. With a huge choice of early-game minions and spells, Warlocks are at the top of the pyramid in Arena.

Cards to draft

  • Venomous Scorpid
  • Kabal Outfitter
  • Imp Swarm
  • EVIL Genius
  • Demonic Studies

These four minions and one spell are your early-game foundation, allowing you to generate a strong board presence and snowball the match.


Shamans have powerful Common cards, which give them the possibility to draft powerful decks in the Arena. Fire Elemental, Jade Lightning, and other cards can help you build a great mid-range deck that can survive the early-game and destroy your opponent later on. The biggest weakness of the Shaman class is the RNG hero power, which generates a rather weak totem that doesn’t impact the board much compared to other classes.

Cards to draft

  • Venomous Scorpid
  • Serpentshrine Portal
  • Jade Lightning
  • Menacing Nimbus
  • Fire Elemental

These cards are powerful by themselves, but when combined with other Elemental creatures, these cards become much stronger. Drafting multiple copies of them is the key to success as a Shaman.


Warrior decks have risen from the ashes after the latest card additions. The class has an underwhelming hero power that doesn’t impact the board, but the Common cards from the Forged in the Barrens expansion propel the class to the top of the pyramid. With various creatures giving you weapons, it allows you to maintain control of the board while you draw your late-game creatures.

Cards to draft

  • Stonemaul Anchorman
  • Venomous Scorpid
  • Sword Eater
  • Athletic Studies
  • Imprisoned Gan’arg

Most of these cards impact the board in some way, with some giving you a weapon while others give you a minion or spell. They are the key to controlling the board early on and minimizing the impact of your lackluster hero power.