Hearthstone’s next Priest legendary pushes the boundaries of value to new heights

The question is though—is it any good?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Knights of the Frozen Throne is pushing the boundaries of Hearthstone’s mechanics. With no card is that more true than the new Priest legendary.

As cards continue to be revealed, pros and casual players alike find themselves dazzled by the possibilities. Trying to figure out if cards are useful before you can actually play with them is pretty difficult—especially when the effect is particularly dramatic.

Enter Archbishop Benedictus. The Priest legendary, revealed by Blizzard through IGN. And it has one of the most game changing effects seen in the game.

The stats for seven mana are obviously not ideal, in fact following the exact line as Reno Jackson but for one more mana. But this card is all about effect. If shuffles a copy of all the cards left in your opponents deck into yours. If played on curve, you could be talking about 20 cards or more. Obviously, this card is amazing in a fatigue war—but only if you’ve played it early, potentially before you know it’s definitely going to fatigue.

In theory it’s incredibly powerful. But in practice, is it any good? After consulting with some in the community, they have their concerns. Against aggro decks in particular, this card won’t help you a lot of the time. If you play an under-statted minion that doesn’t challenge the board state on turn seven against an aggressive deck, they will just ignore it and kill you. Even if you do get to make use of it, you just restrict your access to your anti-aggro tools by diluting your deck.

Even in a fatigue match-up, you are just playing cards which might not be as useful to you as they were to your opponent.