Apexis Smuggler and Apexis Blast join the Mage class in Hearthstone’s Ashes of Outland expansion

Card reveal season isn't over yet.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

It’s card reveal season, and Hearthstone’s Mage class just got two new additions ahead of the game’s upcoming Ashes of Outland expansion. Blizzard Entertainment revealed both Apexis Smuggler and Apexis Blast today on its official PlayHearthstone Instagram account.

Apexis Smuggler is a two-cost 2/3 minion that allows its user to discover a spell after playing a Secret. Apexis Blast is a five-cost spell that deals five damage to a target. If the user has no minions left in their deck, Apexis Blast summons a random five-cost minion onto their side of the field.

While Apexis Smuggler will work well as early fodder thanks to its low mana cost, Apexis Blast will unlock its full potential only when played at the later stages of the game after a player has played all of their minions.

Image via PlayHearthstone
Image via PlayHearthstone

Ashes of Outland arrives on live servers April 7 and will introduce Hearthstone’s first class since the game’s release in 2014. Fans can pre-order the expansion today in one of two bundles from Blizzard’s online store.

The Ashes of Outland base bundle sells for $49.99 and includes 55 card packs, the new Serpentine card back, and a random Ashes of Outland golden Legendary card. Fans who purchase the Mega Bundle for $79.99 will unlock 35 additional card packs, the Lady Vashj Shaman Hero skin, and four Arena tickets and Descent of Dragons Battlegrounds bonuses, which upgrade to the Tavern Pass once the new expansion launches.