Amaz encounters a hilarious bug while playing Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Safe to say that wasn't suppose to happen.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

One of the funniest bugs in Hearthstone Battlegrounds just befell one of the game’s most popular streamers, Jason “Amaz” Chan.

To fully appreciate what happened to Amaz, you’ll need to understand the rules of Hearthstone Battlegrounds. Unlike regular Hearthstone, Battlegrounds is not a 1v1 affair. Instead, eight players are pitted against each other in an RNG fueled frenzy.

Clip via Amaz

Players purchase minions from Bob the Bartender and engage in 1v1 battles until there is only one player left standing. If you’re able to outlast everyone else in the game, you win. Even if you don’t get first place, however, you may still get rewarded. Most of the time finishing in second, third, or fourth place will also give you ranking.

The hilarious bug that struck Amaz appeared when he was about to obtain a first-place victory. In the clip, Amaz hit his final opponent with 15 damage while they had 13 health. To the surprise of Amaz and his viewers, instead of being greeted with a victory screen, he was set up to play another round.

Upon further investigation, Amaz realized that his final opponent is still alive with two health. Though Amaz clearly hit him for 15 damage, the game only registered 11. For Amaz, it wasn’t too big a deal in the end. He was in a position where it was easy for him to continue and secure victory. But a bug like this occurring in a close match-up could be a toss-your-moss-through-your-monitor type moment.