Team Archon moves in to Hearthstone’s first team house

It's only been around a few months, but Jason "Amaz" Chan's new Team Archon is already making waves

It’s only been around a few months, but Jason “Amaz” Chan’s new Team Archon is already making waves.

Hot on the heels of its first tournament, The Pinnacle, players have revealed on Twitter that Archon is planning to establish a team house in Texas. The house would be the first of its kind for a Hearthstone team.

Archon, which Chan formed after leaving Team Liquid, signed James “Firebat” Kostesich just days before he became the first Hearthstone world champion in November. Raphael “Hosty” Tsantili joined upon launch, and he was followed by renowned deck builder Brent “Backspace” Kaskel.

Kaskel and Kostesich were previously teammates as part of the Copenhagen Wolves Hearthstone division.

Details are scarce on the house at this point, and Chan told the Daily Dot he didn’t want to comment or give further details at this time. But tweets from team members have nevertheless revealed a number of details.

Kostesich travelled to Texas over the weekend and posted this picture of the house itself:

Kaskel later posted this picture of the two together in Texas, although it is not clear if this photo is inside the house since Kaskel is a Texas native:

Another person moving into the house, despite not being an official member of Team Archon, is renowned caster and veteran player Nathan “ThatsAdmirable” Zamora.

Zamora, who’s been without a team since the disbanding of Team Clarity in May last year, has established himself as one of the top casters and analysts in Hearthstone with appearances at the World Championships, multiple DreamHacks and the Tavern Takeover series. As a player, he made it to the final qualification stage for the World Championships and appeared at the World Cyber Arena 2014 in China.

Photo via James Kostesich/Twitter (remix by Fernando Alfonso III)

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