Absolute Control Warrior

Hello, Everyone I’m Lux, I am an established Deck Builder and Hearthstone player, I started playing Control warrior on the rank ladder during Season 1 after getting wrecked on the Asian Hearthstone server. I brought the deck type to the EU Rank Ladder and completely destroyed my opponents. I personally like to stick with Control […]

Hello, Everyone I’m Lux, I am an established Deck Builder and Hearthstone player, I started playing Control warrior on the rank ladder during Season 1 after getting wrecked on the Asian Hearthstone server. I brought the deck type to the EU Rank Ladder and completely destroyed my opponents. I personally like to stick with Control classes so this deck felt good.

Control warrior is extremely strong, not much can stand up to it, your late game rivals priest and your ability to clear the board while drawing cards makes you unstoppable if you can snowball.

Once again with Hunters being recently nerfed control warrior is as viable as its always been.

The deck may seem a little slow at first but once you know what you are doing you will be unrivaled.

Deck Difficulty:  Above Expert Level

Card Explanations


This is an amazing removal card and can help you reestablish your lead over an opponent. Combo with “Cruel Taskmaster or Whirlwind for in order to destroy the minion easily.


Another great removal card does damage to a minion based on how much armor you have, good for taking out bigger threats using Shield Block and Shield Slam together.


Does Damage to all minions including your own, you can use this with Acolyte of Pain in order to draw cards or use it to get armor using the Armorsmith can also be used to set up Grommash Hellscream or to take out a big minion with Execute.


Use this minion to start giving you early game armor that you can use to negate the early game damage you are weak too. Combos with acolyte of pain very well.


Cruel taskmaster another versatile minion that can be used in a few ways you can use it on a enemy minion to combo with execute or you can use it on your own minion to either do more damage to the enemy or to clear a potential threat.


Fiery war axe is a great weapon for the low mana cost it can be used to help deal with the early game threats that control warrior had problems with. Good to use if you have armour.


Slam does damage to a enemy minion if it doesn’t kill them you get to draw a card. Note – you cannot slam your own minion.


Shield block gives you 5 armour and draws you a card don’t waste this card use it to combo with a shield slam or if you are desperate for some card draw.


Acolyte of pain this card is a great card to have to combo with to get some card draw early on. Try not to waste your whirlwind just on this card.


Big game hunter – a solid minion that destroys large minion with 7 attack good against Druid and Handlock best used on Ragnaros or giants


Kor’Kron elite a good minion to clear a threat with or to do some damage to there face. Not much health on this minion so be cautious about AOE clear.


Brawl – your strongest removal destroys all minions apart from random one. Best used when your opponent has a board full of minions.

azure -drake

Azure Drake – a solid 4/4 minion that gives you a card draw and + spell damage you can use this for a extra damage whirlwind or a extra damage slam.


Faceless Manipulator – easy to combo with a removal combo you can faceless a big threat off your opponent and then execute your opponents minion almost swapping the board around. – can also use on your own minions for a good finisher.


Harrison Jones – with a increase of Rogue, Shaman and weapon classes in general Harrison Jones had seen more play – it destroys your opponents weapon and gives you card draw based on the damage of the weapon.


Cairne although cairne doesn’t really like you lore wise since you kind of killed him… However we like how good he is in this game. A super yeti, really strong against priest decks since the 4/5 is hard to deal with.


Baron Geddon destroys all zoo type decks he does damage to all other minions at the end of the turn you can use this with your other cards in order to draw cards or get armour or enrage Grommash.


Ragnaros- a very strong minion who can easily remove large taunts off the board or do a lot of damage to the enemy hero. Useful for finishing off your opponent.


Alexstraza – again quite a versatile minion can be used either to lower someone’s health to 15 or to increase your life to 15. Both have there uses for example of you have a Ragnaros on your side you can use Alex to lower the health of your opponent In order to finish them quicker. While you can heal yourself in order to out live your opponent in a long match.


A Great finisher for Warrior, the class specific legendary is one of the best, Once enraged he can melt opponents often leading to a win or them to focus all there minions into clearing him. – Be careful about enraging him when playing against warrior.

Easy Matchups

Miracle Rogue

This requires a lot of skill to play against, always keep in mind at around turn 6 that he will start drawing his deck trying to set up his OTK on you, you need to get strong control over him, Deny him the use of his Gadgetzan Auctioneer if he can’t use his Auctioneer he will have a hard time out damaging you in the late game.

Mid-Ranged Paladin

You have the much stronger early game, you are able to establish early board control you should be able to snowball to victory, Mid game he is stronger since s equality Combo with wild-pyromancer. However, your late game is much stronger then his, and you should have no problems closing the game.

Rush Hunter (Insert Derogatory Term Here)

This matchup is easy now with the UTH Nerf there really isn’t much to worry about, sure you may loose once in a while due to bad card draw, but honestly unless you fill your board with large amounts of minions there isn’t much threat and your whirlwind can clear the Timber Wolfs and the Buzzards.

Medium Matchups

Trap Hunter

Although quite rare, this deck type can be a massive pain, freezing-trap makes your life a pain, I still don’t think its a hard match up and I usually win against it, It can be very annoying to play against when you finally do come across it especially early game just be careful about flooding the board with Minions.


This is pretty equal matchup, you have a better early game try to lower his health but be careful of those Molten Giants and be careful not to forget that he will most likely running Lord Jaraxxus and Alexstraza,

Ramp Druid

Ramp Druid is a medium matchup, it can be a pain to deal with the early Innervate Yeti combo, but its not impossible you should out scale him and as Druid doesn’t have any hard removal you can execute all he large minions and keep him from doing anything in the late game, Be cautious about playing Ragnaros or any minion with more then 7 attack since they most likely are running a big-game-hunter

Shaman Control

Shaman Control can be hard to deal with, However, they need to be much more careful about there tempo as clearing the board can set them back due to the overload mechanic, Make sure you keep Board Control but not to flood your board otherwise lightning-storm May be able to clear you. brawl is the card that all Shamans will attempt to play around, they know you have it make sure you don’t waste it. Remember that he has 2x hex so make sure you remember to play around them, If you play smart you should out sustain the Shaman and out scale them.

Mage Control

Mage Control can be hard if they are able to control the early game not allowing you to play any of your cards and polymorph on your big minions, in theory you should out scale Mage but be careful about the Fireball to the face, make sure you keep stacking your armor.

Hard Matchups

Priest Control (Priest in General)

This matchup is very infrequent but can be a massive pain or incredibly easy it just depends on who you are playing against be careful about, thoughtsteal as they may draw your legendary cards since your deck is made up from a lot of them expect him to attempt to wipe your big minions out and be careful of mind-control you should in theory out sustain him. – Make yourself some Tea, you are going to be here a while.

Warlock Zoo

This is a hard match up you are really dependant on your late game and Warlock Zoo can destroy you before you get a chance to play anything, the only good thing about this match up is many zoo decks may help you by enraging or damaging your minion with knife-juggler if you are able to survive the early game you should destroy him or he will insta-concede late game.

Control Warrior (Mirror Matchup)

This can be annoying, although it doesn’t happen too often usually due to how much the deck costs to craft at higher levels of play these matches can go on for 15-20 mins its very boring as both have cards to deal with each others decks, just make sure not to waste your executes and brawl and you should be ok.

Final Thoughts

Control warrior is the most expensive meta deck type out there, for that reason most people who are playing Control Warrior decks have usually spent hours and hours grinding gold in order to fund there decks. – Thanks to Flood for helping me with the Deck list image.