Another slower Hunter card coming in Knights of the Frozen Throne

Hunter is being pushed in a new direction.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Hunter has always been an aggressive class in Hearthstone. Why? Because the hero power lends itself exclusively to that strategy.

But thanks to the new Hero cards, that can all change. Up is down, black is white, and Hunter can play control.

The latest Hunter card from the new expansion, revealed by Taiwanese streamer 7z, continues in that vein. With a pretty decent stat line of 6/7 for seven mana, the card summons a random friendly beast that died in that game when it dies.

Obviously, this could be amazing. Who doesn’t want another Savannah Highmane or Stranglethorn Tiger? But equally, who wants a Jeweled Macaw to pop out in the late game? No one, it would be awful. The variance of this card is what makes it difficult. Unless you’re going to have a ton of strong beasts in the pool to be plucked from, this could end up being frustrating. That means sacrificing early game beasts, either in favour of just control tools or early game minions that aren’t beasts.

Hunter possibly has the most interesting suite of new cards so far. From the Hero card to the powerful secret-based legendary, things are about to get interesting for the game’s current weakest class.