2 Hearthstone Mage cards are receiving changes next week

Put some Fs in the chat for Mage mains.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Mage has some of the most powerful RNG in Hearthstone at the moment. But two of the cards that generate that RNG are about to get a lot more costly.

Legendary minion Astromancer Solarian and Legendary spell Evocation are set to receive nerfs next week, Blizzard announced today. Though Astromancer Solarian won’t get any changes on its surface, his evolved form, Solarian Prime, will.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Astromancer Solarian costs two mana and has a Deathrattle that shuffles Solarian Prime into your deck. Usually, Solarian Prime is a seven-cost minion with an effect that casts five random Mage spells, targeting enemies if possible. Starting with a patch to be introduced late next week, though, Solarian Prime will cost nine mana instead of seven.

In addition to the changes coming to Solarian Prime, the Mage spell Evocation is also getting hit by the nerf bat. Evocation in its present form is a one-cost spell that fills your hand with random Mage spells, all of which vanish at the end of your turn. As of the patch being introduced next week, Evocation will cost two mana instead of one. This makes the card more difficult to play and gives the player less mana to use on the spells generated by Evocation.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Though an exact date for these nerfs wasn’t announced, Blizzard said to expect it late next week. Mage players, enjoy your pre-nerf Solarian and Evocation cast while you can.