#1 Legend Midrange Hunter Deck

As you can obviously see, this deck is heavily centered around the early game: control the board, and get as many creatures out as you can, and as quick as you can. With this deck, you do NOT want to sacrifice the ability to play a card this turn in the h

This is Darthnoki’s August-September Season Midrange Hunter Deck. As you can see, this deck has quite the number of low drops. It takes advantage of the consistency of Midrange Hunter decks, and even has a few explosions in there to keep the fun going!


As you can obviously see, this deck is heavily centered around the early game: control the board, and get as many creatures out as you can, and as quick as you can. With this deck, you do NOT want to sacrifice the ability to play a card this turn in the hope that there will be a better time to play it later: this deck is all about swarming your opponent before they can react and regain control. When played right, this deck will usually do most of its damage in rounds 4-7.

Mulligan Goals

What I always try and get in my hand usually varies on the class that I am playing against. Some drops that are usually a safe bet no matter the circumstances are Webspinner, Haunted Creeper, Knife Juggler, and Mad Scientist. If you have 2 or more 1 or 2 drops in your starting hand (before swapping), I would suggest going for an Eaglehorn Bow or Animal Companion. Always aim to have lots of card to throw out there early on and worry about the future when it comes.

Individual Cards

Hunter’s Mark 

It is always nice to have that little trick up the sleeve in case something comes out that you have to deal with, especially early on: for example, a Deathlord or an Earth Elemental.


These guys are just awesome to have. They fill those annoying slots where you have one mana left and nothing else to play, and also are great cards to try and start off with. With such an in-your-face deck, it is fairly important to have small, pestering slot-fillers such as Webspinners.


This is a nice tool just to further your damage. Not only can you equip this weapon and take out a creature with your own health not one of your own creatures, but it gives another stacked damage to your side of the board to constantly and consistently apply damage each turn.

Freezing Trap

These are extremely helpful to have in the deck, as they not only remove an enemy creature from the board, but they also give you what is somewhat equivalent to another life for one of your minions. It can give you just enough break time to drop a few more creatures down so that when your opponent finally gets whatever was frozen by this card, he will be too overwhelmed to regain momentum that he could have had a couple turns back.

Snake Trap

Snake Trap is extremely nice to have in this deck for certain situations. It synergizes so well with Knife Juggler and Mad Scientist that it is worth it to put just one in. It can also provide that extra intimidation of your opponent having a secret on the board and make them play much, MUCH more cautiously.

Quick Shot

This card is amazing. It not only does an exceptional amount of damage for its cost, but it also provides an opportunity to draw a card if you hand is empty, which is extremely helpful with this deck that you try to constantly keep dishing out creatures and cards. Overall, it is nice to be able to take out a creature and not have one of your creatures on yourself take damage or die, and then have a potential added bonus to it.

Haunted Creeper

These guys are so cute and helpful in this deck. They synergize extremely well with Knife Jugglers, as you can attack with them and then get two one-damage daggers flying out randomly at the enemy, and then two one-one spiders to fill the place of a simple one-two, which is really worth it. They also synergize well with Houndmaster, as you can use the Houndmaster’s battlecry on the Creeper; however, you cannot use it on the small spiders summoned by the Creeper’s deathrattle, so beware.

Ironbeak Owl

This owl is really good to keep ready in case your opponent throws out something you can’t quite handle that might have Taunt or some annoying battlecry, deathrattle, or ability. Also, to add on to that, the Owl is considered a beast, so it synergizes with all of the cards that involve beasts like Kill Command or Houndmaster. There is only one in this deck because it is not completely necessary to this deck, and is mainly just to take care of the occasional thing your creatures and hero can’t.

Knife Juggler

This is one of the main cards in this deck. Always send this guy out if there isn’t a threat on the board and you have to decide between this card and another. If you have a coin, try and get this guy out first turn, and just rush and get out as many daggers as you can before your opponent becomes overly frustrated and targets him.

Mad Scientist

Our insane scientist friend is included in this deck because he is a low drop that could trigger things like the Knife Juggler, but also provides the nice benefit of being able to summon one of the numerous traps you have in this deck.

Eaglehorn Bow

This bow is also one of the major players in this deck: it lets you take some of the damage your creatures would while simultaneously saving their lives, while also being constantly refreshed by the traps you should be getting every-so-often.

Animal Companion

This 3-drop card is an amazing chance card that is very useful in most situations: if you have lots of creatures out, you either get something that gives 4 extra damage immediately (Huffer), something that gives your creatures EACH an extra damage (Leokk), or something that prolongs their lifetime by providing a 4 health taunt (Misha). If you don’t have lots of creatures out, you get a staller to put out quite a few (Misha), instant damage that will have to be dealt with that lets you play more while your opponent is distracted (Huffer), or a future threat that nobody will want to see grow and make them regret not killing it earlier that also gives you a bit more time to get some stuff out (Leokk). As you can see, there’s really no losing with this card.

Kill Command

This is also one of the most important cards in the deck. Similarly to Quick Shot, it lets you take out or damage creatures, but the difference is it is on a much stronger level. Combine Kill Command with your Hero Power, and it provides an incredible finisher that your opponents often don’t see coming if you play it right. This strategy is explained farther down in the matchups section.

Unleash the Hounds

These doggies provide this deck with so many extra opportunities. They synergize so well with nearly all of the deck, and honestly have such a strong chance to turn the tides of any battle if played right.


One thing I will start off saying is the warning to not overestimate Houndmaster. Yes, his Battlecry is very nice, but even a simple 4-drop for a 4-3 is decent. As I said earlier, do not wait to play a card to get more value out of it, just play it as soon as you can if it’s even a somewhat decent play versus a spectacular one.

Piloted Shredder

Shredding its way into this deck is undoubtedly one of the best commons in the game: Piloted Shredder. A 4-drop 4-3 is not only decent in itself, but summoning another 2-drop in addition to it is quite incredible, not to mention that it synergizes well with this deck.


A great staller for your minions is this legendary card, Loatheb. His battlecry is amazing in preventing spells from wiping out your numerous but weakly creatures for at least another turn. If needed, sub with Kel’Thuzad or Spiteful Smith.

Savannah Highmane

This scary beast (literally) is an awesome high drop for a hunter. You want a few higher drops for decks like this just in case you can’t finish the game early on and you need to still be viable with less cards.

Dr. Boom

Hah, I love this guy. He is so annoying being a 7-7 alone but also having two stupid little guys next to him that have the potential to do an obnoxious amount of damage and are so hard to disarm. He is nearly as obnoxiously awesome to have in a deck as Cenarius.


  • Hunter’s Mark x1 –> Ironbeak Owl x1
  • Quick Shot x1 –> Deadly Shot x1 (only if necessary)
  • Piloted Shredder x1-2 –> Piloted Sky Golem x1-2
  • Dr. Boom x1 –> Cairne Bloodhoof x1, Illidan Stormrage x1, The Black Knight x1, Sylvanas Windrunner x1
  • Glaivezooka x1 –> Explosive Trap x1


Warlock (Zoo)

4 (Average)

Facing up against a zoo can be tricky, but definitely winnable. Just keep up the constant pressure on his minions so he can’t overwhelm you.

Best Valued In This Matchup

Haunted Creeper, Mad Scientist, Knife Juggler, Eaglehorn Bow, Glaivezooka, Webspinner.

Tips and Tricks

  • Watch out for Voidcaller, he can be one of the biggest cards that will destroy your deck. If possible silence him with Ironbeak Owl, and try and control trades in your favor so he can’t take advantage of it.
  • In response to Imp-losion, Unleash the Hounds can be a great response. If you have a Knife Juggler as well, it might be worth waiting for to get the extra damage.
  • I would always hold on to a Hunter’s Mark except for in the mulligan. You never know when a pesky Taunt or other card that requires your attention might pop up.

Warrior (Patron/Rush) – 6 (Average)

This little deck can be obnoxious to deal with, but manageable. Overall, you just have to swarm him before he can start outpacing you.

Best Valued In This Matchup

Haunted Creeper, Mad Scientist, Animal Companion, Ironbeak Owl.

Tips and Tricks

  • Try and bait out his weapons with things you are willing to lose such as Mad Scientist or Haunted Creeper.
  • Knife Juggler can be a liability in this matchup: it can trigger Armorsmith, Frothing Berserker, and Acolyte of Pain. Do not overvalue it.
  • Be cautious keeping low-attack minions on the table. Always anticipate a Grim Patron coming up when you least expect it.

Mage (Aggro)

3 (Easy)

This deck is pretty easy to deal with, you just have to play it right, and keep board control.

Best Valued In This Matchup

Haunted Creeper, Mad Scientist, Webspinner, Ironbeak Owl, Knife Juggler, Eaglehorn Bow, Quickshot.

Tips and Tricks

  • Take out Flamewalker as fast as possible, it is the main thing you have to worry about.
  • If they keep dishing out some mechs, target them to avoid getting Goblin Blastmaged.
  • If possible, silence Mad Scientist to avoid pesky spells like Counterspell, but it is not the biggest deal if you can’t.


3 (Easy)

This matchup can be pretty easy, you just have to anticipate the moves before they happen. Watch for Swipes, and hold on to Ironbeak Owls and Hunter’s Marks.

Best Valued In This Matchup

Hunter’s Mark, Haunted Creeper, Ironbeak Owl.

Tips and Tricks

  • Try and bait out his Wraths with Haunted Creeper and Mad Scientist.
  • Trade your 1-health minions if possible to avoid having the tides turned with a Swipe.
  • Always try and hold on to Ironbeak Owl and Hunter’s Mark mid-late game. Ironbeak Owl for Sludge Belcher, Hunter’s Mark for Druid of the Claw, Ragnaros, Cenarius, and both for Ancient of War.

Mage (Spell)

5 (Average)

This matchup is extremely variant on the cards you get. Try and rush as fast as possible before you get destroyed with late game spells like Blizzard and Flamestrike.

Best Valued In This Matchup

Mad Scientist, Quickshot, Haunted Creeper, Ironbeak Owl.

Tips and Tricks

  • Take out things only that are absolutely necessary to deal with like Flamewalker and Bloodmage Thalnos.
  • If possible, leave 1-health minions out for great Knife Juggler + Unleash the Hounds combos.
  • Rush as absolutely fast as possible, because late game you will get destroyed with control spells.

Mage (Secret/Firestorm)

9 (Extremely Hard)

Ooh boy, you better hope you get a perfect rush hand. This is probably your hardest matchup as a low-midrange Hunter Deck.

Best Valued In This Matchup

Knife Juggler, Animal Companion, Quickshot, Kill Command, Ironbeak Owl.

Tips and Tricks

  • Your goal against this deck is to win by turn 4 or 5 before they can do any real damage or get much out. There’s a very low chance that you will win once you get to rounds 6 or 7 or later.
  • Get as many creatures out as possible; do not plan for the future; use your hero power often if no better moves.

Warrior (Legendary/Control)

8 (Very Hard)

Your strategy for this matchup should be to just straight rush. He will try and wipe everything you have off the table, and you just have to play things faster than he can kill them.

Best Valued In This Matchup

Mad Scientist, Hunter’s Mark, Haunted Creeper, Ironbeak Owl, Webspinner.

Tips and Tricks

  • Utilize your traps, especially Freezing Trap, to gain a heavier offensive attacking advantage.
  • Wipe out Baron Geddon as fast as possible.
  • Haunted Creeper and Mad Scientist can be a good counter to Brawl, so try and always have at least one of them on the table at a time.


7 (Hard)

In this matchup, you have to be very careful with the creatures you are playing and predict what the stupid lock will do next. You pretty much have to weasel each damage you have in when you see an opportunity.

Best Valued In This Matchup

Mad Scientist, Hunter’s Mark, Ironbeak Owl, Kill Command.

Tips and Tricks

  • Freezing Trap is extremely nice to have to deal with buffed/taunted/high-drops.
  • Watch out for Hellfire. Try and keep a Haunted Creeper or Mad Scientist on the table to make him think twice about using it.
  • Rush the ‘lock down to 15-18ish health and then plan to just swarm him with damage before he can use Molten Giant to his advantage. Kill Commands, Quickshots, and your Hero Power are great for doing this.
  • Only attack Taunted minions unless you feel otherwise necessary.

Rogue (Oil/Miracle)

6-7 (Semi-Difficult)

Oil/Miracle Rogues can be frustrating to deal with, but if you can survive certain cards, then you are golden.

Best Valued In This Matchup

Mad Scientist, Eaglehorn Bow, Haunted Creeper, Knife Juggler.

Tips and Tricks

  • Always be anticipating a Fan of Knives, Backstab, or SI:7 Agent.
  • Save your Ironbeak Owl for Edwin VanCleef or Bloodmage Thalnos.
  • Try and rush your opponent enough to make them have to use only part of their massive combo early on; make them play your game, not vice versa.

Rogue (Burst)

5 (Average)

Burst Rogues are not that difficult of a matchup. Versus this deck, it is honestly just a battle of rush. Personally, I like a mix of rush and control, but it is all up to you and your playstyle: for this matchup, both work.

Best Valued In This Matchup

Mad Scientist, Ironbeak Owl, Quickshot, Knife Juggler, Haunted Creeper.

Tips and Tricks

  • Kill/Silence minions that have obnoxiously high attack from things like Cold Blood or Tinker’s Sharpsword Oil.
  • Try and use your Haunted Creepers to bait out a Deadly Poison or SI:7 Agent.


4 (Average)

These days, the two main viable Paladin decks are Midrange and Aggro, and these strategies work for both.

Best Valued In This Matchup

Mad Scientist, Eaglehorn Bow, Ironbeak Owl, Quickshot, Knife Juggler, Glaivezooka.

Tips and Tricks

  • Don’t be afraid to use your Ironbeak Owl on one of your minions to negate the effects of an Aldor Peacekeeper or Humility.
  • Make sure the only Knife Jugglers one the field are yours, as there is a good chance that he will try to get an early Muster For Battle out which is hard to deal with if he has a Juggler, and much easier to deal with if you have one (and Unleash the Hounds too).
  • Take care of their Knife Jugglers and Zombie Chow as fast as possible, preferrably with a Quickshot or weapon.
  • Make sure he doesn’t have more than 1 Silver Hand Recruit by turn 5 or later to avoid a great Quartermaster combo unless you are holding onto a great Knife Juggler + Unleash the Hounds combo.


3 (Easy)

Facing a Priest, you will most likely either encounter a Lightbomb or Control Priest, both of which only have a few threats. This should be an easy matchup.

Best Valued In This Matchup

Mad Scientist, Eaglehorn Bow, Ironbeak Owl, Hunter’s Mark, Haunted Creeper.

Tips and Tricks

  • Wild Pyromancer is probably the biggest threat in this deck to you. Wipe it out as fast as possible, and don’t keep tons of 1-health minions out at a time.
  • Silence minions that are buffed with Velen’s Chosen, and Hunter’s Mark Deathlords.
  • Hunter’s Mark is a great counter to Lightbomb, so keep that in mind.

Shaman (Midrange)

5 (Average)

Midrange Shaman is a pretty even matchup for this Hunter deck. They have lots of pesky Taunts, but you should be able to win.

Best Valued In This Matchup

Mad Scientist, Eaglehorn Bow, Ironbeak Owl, Haunted Creeper.

Tips and Tricks

  • Your best bet to win this matchup is to just plop down as many creatures as you can to just overwhelm your opponent.
  • Beware of Lightning Storm, it is the biggest obstacle you could face against this deck that could turn the tides really quickly.

Shaman (Mech)

1 (Extremely Easy)

This deck has absolutely no clear, so you can really wreck it very quickly.

Best Valued In This Matchup

Webspinner, Mad Scientist, Haunted Creeper, Glaivezooka, Ironbeak Owl, Knife Juggler.

Tips and Tricks

  • Just direct everything straight at his face.
  • Silence Flametongue Totem and Annoy-o-Trons with Ironbeak Owl.
  • Hunter’s Mark is a great counter to Lightbomb, so keep that in mind.


Thank you guys so much for taking the time to read this article. I hope that this deck will do well for you, it definitely did well for me, as I played mainly it from Rank 25 all the way to 1 in Legend.

Please comment with any questions or anything that you might have, and I would be happy to answer them! Again, thanks for taking the time to read this and good luck dominating your way to the tops of the charts!